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Healthy Spring Recipes For A Baby Meal Plan

The arrival of spring means longer days, warmer weather, and more time spent outside with your baby. It also means that farmer’s markets in your area may soon be filled with fresh, locally grown produce loaded with both taste and nutrients. This year, make sure your spring meal plans aren’t just for parents– a healthy baby diet plan is just as important, especially with recipes as tasty as these!

Is your baby ready to start enjoying these new foods and flavors? Once your baby reaches six months of age, you can gradually begin incorporating pureed food into his or her diet– and the options for a fresh, delicious baby meal plan become endless. The Florida Department of Health WIC Program recommends including several tablespoons of pureed fruit, vegetables, and meat throughout the day as part of your baby’s mid-morning, noon, and evening meals. View its feeding guide for babies 6-8 months for detailed recommendations.

Make Homemade Baby Food In 10 Minutes For Your Spring Baby Meal Plan

Keep up with your growing baby’s feeding needs by making pureed baby food at home, and use these healthy spring recipes for help! It’s super easy and fast — as long as you have the right tools. With Baby Brezza products like the One Step™ Food Maker Deluxe and the Glass One Step™ Baby Food Maker, you can turn veggies, fruits, and meats into delicious homemade baby food in as little as 10 minutes. They steam and blend in one step, in one bowl. Why spend hundreds of dollars on store-bought baby food filled with additives when you could make your own food– organized into the perfect meal plan for baby–  in no time for less money and know exactly what ingredients you’re giving your baby?

Baby Food Puree

Our Mix And Match Meal Plan: Create Your Baby’s Food Plan With Recipes By Food Network Star Addie Gundry

Your baby is too young to be asking, “What’s for dinner?” but you’ll be asking yourself plenty, now that he or she is eating solids. Save time by pre-planning your baby’s meals and put flavor and nutrition first. When you plan ahead and create a balanced meal schedule, you’ll stress less later. These easy recipes by professional chef and Food Network star Addie Gundry can help you get started. Mix and match them to create a variety of weekly meal plans. Design your baby’s meal plans for spring now, and you’ll have delicious and nutritious meals all season long.

Mid-Morning Options
The most important meal of the day! Start your baby’s spring meal plan off right with these fruit-focused meals that bring fresh, bright flavors and nutrients to the beginning of a big day.

Noon Options
When curating the perfect meal plan for your baby, healthy spring recipes like these for lunch can keep baby energized with healthy oils and vitamins for a long, sunny day.

Evening Options

Wind down this mix and match meal plan each day with yummy, easy options that baby will love.  Each night, let your baby’s day come to a close with a simple and delicious meal.

When you pre-plan your baby’s meals, you’ll save so much time. And when you use Baby Brezza’s One Step™ Food Maker Deluxe or Glass One Step™ Baby Food Maker to make homemade baby food, you’ll find that giving your baby healthy meals will be quicker and cheaper than you may think. Meal plans are important for the whole family, and a baby meal plan saves everyone time while packing baby’s day full of healthy options!

Our website offers recipes and meal suggestions for your baby. They are not designed to replace your doctor’s recommendations. They also do not take into account special nutritional needs, allergies, or intolerances. Please consult your doctor to determine what is appropriate for your baby.


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