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Baby’s First Chunky Chicken Recipe

When wondering how to prepare chicken for baby, look no further than this great starter recipe! This delicious chicken puree makes the perfect first chicken baby food dish, you may not be able to help sneaking a bite or two yourself!


  • 1 apple: diced to ¼ inch pieces
  • ½ cup brown rice
  • 1 cup chicken: cut to ¼ inch pieces


  • Place diced apple, brown rice and cut-up chicken in the Baby Brezza® One Step Food Maker Deluxe
  • Press “Steam & Blend” for 25-30 minutes
  • If the consistency is too thick, press the Blend Only button to blend further. Or add a little bit of water to puree further
  • Serve to your baby or store

How Do You Serve Chicken for Babies?
    • When learning how to prepare chicken for baby, take these tips into consideration and your chicken baby food recipes will work wonders: remove the skin, any loose or firm pieces, and remove all cartilage before pureeing. Always make sure to cool the chicken down before serving.

    Is Chicken Safe for Babies? 

    • When your baby is ready for solids at around 6 months, chicken is a great first protein to start with! Chicken puree for baby is a healthy, relatively clean source of protein, and is easy to digest.

      At What Age Can Chicken Be Given to Babies?

      • Chicken puree can be served to babies as early as 6 months once baby is ready for solids, and they can continue to eat it through the rest of their childhood and onward– always be sure to keep an eye out for allergic reactions, and wait a few days before switching to different proteins!
        How Much Chicken Can I Give My Baby?  
        • As baby ages, they’ll require larger portions, but remember to start small. At 6 months, they’re ready for very small portions of chicken puree, around 3 tablespoons per day. At around 9 months, they’ll be ready for more daily servings of 3 tablespoon portions. The bigger and older they get, the more you can gradually feed chicken to your baby.

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