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Spring Recipes for Your Baby Food Maker

Spring is in the air – but is it in your baby food maker? The change of season is a perfect time to mix-up your recipe routine with some fresh, new inspirations for your baby or toddler.

But how can you break away from the winter staples of sweet potatoes, apples, turkey, and more?

It’s easy with the right recipes and the right tools in your kitchen – like a baby food maker that keeps things simple and meal prep fuss-free!

Bright Beginnings – Breakfast with Your Baby Food Maker

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but babies need good nutrition all day long!

Still, starting with a hearty, nutritious breakfast will give your little one a great start to the day and become a lifelong habit.

Try this Cherry Banana Quinoa for a fruity taste sensation at breakfast time.

Cherry Banana Quinoa


½ cup of cooked quinoa

½ banana

1 cup of cherries, washed with pits removed and cut in half


Combine all ingredients in the bowl of your baby food maker. Blend until smooth and serve.

Recipe Notes:

Quinoa is packed with plenty of protein and will help baby feel satisfied, while the cherries pack a punch of antioxidants to boost the immune system.

Super Side – Steamed in Your Baby Food Maker for Simplicity

For a tasty and healthy side that channels the green of spring, make a minty pea puree that will put a smile on your little one’s face.

Minty Pea Puree


2 cups of sweet peas (fresh or frozen)

1 sprig of mint

Veggie broth, breast milk, or formula – if needed


Combine the peas and mint into the bowl of your baby food maker. Set to steam & blend for 20 minutes, then let the machine automatically blend it into a super smooth puree.

If the texture is too thick, you can add broth, breast milk, or formula to achieve a thinner consistency.

Recipe Notes:

Peas and mint are a natural combination, with the bright taste of mint offset by the sweet peas. Introducing your baby to fresh herbs can help to broaden their taste buds from an early age.

Main Event – Kale and Chicken Baby Food

Kale is a super veggie packed full of vital nutrients, and it plays nicely with this combination of chicken, kabocha squash, and apples and white beans. Mix up this super combination of tasty options to give your baby a meal to be excited about.

Kale and Chicken Baby Food


½ cup of kale

¼ cup kabocha squash

½ apple, cored and peeled if desired

½ cup white beans, rinsed

½ chicken breast, cooked and shredded or cubed


Place kale, squash, apple, and white beans into baby food maker and set to steam only. Once ingredients are soft and cooked through, add chicken and set to blend mode.

Combine until desired consistency is reached. You can add water to thin the mixture if necessary.

Recipe Notes:

Kabocha squash has a smooth texture and sweet taste. But if you can’t find it, feel free to substitute a sweet potato.

Spring Recipes to Grow By

Spring is the time of new beginnings, and no doubt there are many new food options waiting for your baby! With the right nutrition, your little one will keep right on growing and changing before your very eyes.

Use these baby food maker recipes as a starting point to grow your baby’s palate and taste for new foods. Experimenting with your Baby Brezza baby food maker is the perfect way to pass a rainy day or relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Before you know it, spring will have turned to summer and your baby will be enjoying even more new foods and special moments!

Kick off the season with a delicious Strawberry Puree!

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