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Mom Vs Dad: Who's Doing More?

Parenting is about sharing the responsibilities, but does your spouse really think you are pulling all your weight?

We partnered with Fatherly to get to the root of the household duties. 

While most women said they handle the majority of bottle feeding in their households, more than one-third of men surveyed said they handle 50 percent or more...

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Lifestyle Expert Talks Formula Pro on NBC's '6 in The Mix'

It's a coffee machine! It's a formula dispenser! It's the Baby Brezza's Formula Pro!
Ok, maybe it's not a coffee machine, but Lifestyle Expert Pamela Pekerman did
say: "this is like the Keurig for babies."
Watch the video here for more details on this product's innovation functionality.
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Gift Guide for the New Mom just rated our One Step Baby food Maker Complete a TOP gift for the 2016 holiday season. 

Check out the article here!

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