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Introducing Solids 101

Here's some tips & advice on introducing solids to your baby from Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann, Pediatrician and Former Chair of the Children's Hospital of Orange County.
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Spring Recipes for Your Baby Food Maker

Spring is in the air – but is it in your baby food maker? The change of season is a perfect time to mix-up your recipe routine with some fresh, new inspirations for your baby or toddler. Click read more to watch a simple recipe video!

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How Baby Food Processors Help Moms and the Environment

Have you thought about adding a baby food processor to your collection of kitchen gadgets and ‘Baby Chef’ to your list of parenting skills?

It turns out that homemade baby food may be the wisest choice for the health of your baby – and the environment.

Here are the top benefits of using a baby food processor for your baby, your sanity, and the environment.

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If your baby has started watching you eat at mealtimes, no longer shows signs of the tongue thrust reflex, and can sit up and hold his or her head upright – then it might be time to start the weaning process.

Or, your baby may have already started on solid foods, but you’re wondering how to keep mealtime interesting and your baby nourished.

Many parents wonder, “What are the best starter foods for a post-weaning baby? How fast should new foods be introduced? Will using a baby food maker cut down on prep time?”

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

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Is a Baby Bottle Dryer an Essential Part of Your Cleaning Cycle?

After you’ve scrubbed, rinsed, and sterilized your child’s baby bottles, is your work complete?

Some parents plop the sparkling, dewy bottles on a drying rack and call it a wrap or use a soft towel to wipe away water.

Other parents use a baby bottle dryer to ensure that bottles are thoroughly dried and ready for the next use.

Which method is the best way to dry baby bottles?

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