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Enjoy using your time-saving Formula Pro! To ensure accurate dispensing, please follow these 2 VERY IMPORTANT steps:

  • Find the right setting for your formula using the menus below
  • CLEAN your machine after every 4th bottle or when the clean funnel indicator light turns on so the mixing funnel is clear! To make cleaning easier, consider buying a spare funnel to swap funnels. Shop Now.

Step 1: Choose your Formula Pro model by clicking on the picture of your machine below


Next, use the drop-down menus below to choose your territory, formula brand and formula type (if applicable).

*This is the country/territory where your formula comes from, not where you live. The reason is that you may be living in 1 country like the USA but using a formula purchased in another country like Canada. To find the correct setting for this situation, you need to choose Canada.

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