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Baby Brezza Natural Bottle 5 oz, 3 pack


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  • Breeze to feed and clean
  • Easiest to clean – Only 2 parts and ultra wide mouth
  • Natural, breast-like nipple

Baby Brezza Natural Bottles are a breeze to feed & clean. With only 2 parts and an ultra-wide mouth, they are the only natural bottle that's easy to clean & assemble. Your baby can easily transition between breast & bottle with its wide, breast-like nipple. Each nipple features the TruFlo® Anti-Colic System so your baby swallows milk, not air. BPA-FREE. Available in four trendy colors (charcoal gray, white, blue and pink). You and your baby will love them!

Finally a miracle bottle that's a breeze to feed & clean

  • Fewest pieces of other major bottle brands.

    Baby Brezza Bottles have only two pieces while other brands have 3 or more. This means less time to clean and assemble, saving you approximately 10 hours a year.

  • Easiest to clean.

    They have only two parts including an integrated collar and nipple and bottle body. No more fumbling to assemble the nipple into the collar anymore.

  • Natural, breast-like nipple.

    The wide nipple is shaped like Mom's breast so your baby can easily transition between breast and bottle.

  • Anti-Colic TruFlo™ Vent.

    The nipple has an anti-colic vent system built right in – without any extra parts – so you baby swallows milk, not air.

  • Ultra wide mouth.

    Baby Brezza bottles have an ultra wide mouth. It's so wide your hand can fit inside. So you can clean the bottles – and hard-to-reach corners -- with a cloth. Plus, no bottle brush needed.

  • 4 Fashion Colors.

    Baby Brezza bottles are available in 4 fashion colors – including blue, gray, pink and white – so you can find the one that matches your style.