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Instant Water Warmer For Baby Bottles - Instantly Dispenses Warm Water

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Color White

  • Make warm formula bottles INSTANTLY! No more waiting 3-5 minutes using a traditional warmer. 
  • FREE 6-month extended warranty with your purchase on BabyBrezza.com in addition to standard 12-month warranty; BPA-FREE
  • Dispenses warm water for baby bottles on demand 24-7 & maintains temperature all day & night
  • Customize with 3 settings: Body temperature, Warmer than body temperature, Room temperature
  • Easy dispensing: just press the lever; Works with all brands/types of bottles; Airtight tank holds 50 oz of water
  • If you'd like this warmer with a built-in LED nightlight, shop NEW Instant Warmer Advanced

The Baby Brezza Instant Baby Milk Bottle Warmer lets you make warm formula bottles INSTANTLY without waiting for a traditional bottle warmer. The formula warmer dispenses warm water 24/7 - just add formula, mix & feed in seconds. Customize for your baby with three different temperatures.

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Instant Water Warmer For Baby Bottles - Instantly Dispenses Warm Water



  • No nightlight
  • White color
  • 3 water temperature settings
  • 50 oz water tank
Instant Water Warmer Advanced For Baby Bottles with Nightlight - Instantly Dispenses Warm Water



  • Adjustable LED nightlight 
  • Black color
  • 3 water temperature settings
  • 50 oz water tank



How Do You Warm Baby’s Water for Formula?

Traditionally, parents have to boil water, mix it with the powdered formula, and wait for it to cool before serving it to baby. As any parent knows, this can take an unnecessarily long amount of time– from waiting for the water to boil to waiting for it to cool back down, feeding them the old-school way can keep baby waiting for no reason! Luckily, the Instant Water Warmer keeps water warm all day and all night so that parents can instantly make a warm formula bottle whenever the time comes. The Instant Water Warmer for Baby offers three temp settings– body temperature, warmer than body temperature, and room temperature– to make formula warm, just how baby likes it, without any of the wait time for boiling and cooling down. Simply place your bottle underneath the water warmer dispenser, choose your temp setting, and press the lever for warm water that you can instantly mix the formula into!

Is It Safe to Use a Water Warmer?

Absolutely– in fact, it’s one of the safest ways to warm a baby bottle for feeding time. With a baby water warmer like Baby Brezza’s, parents can avoid dangerous temperatures from boiling water that can harm or burn babies. Even when a parent thinks their baby’s bottle has cooled down enough, boiling or microwaving a baby bottle can cause “hot spots” within the formula that may not emerge until the baby is feeding. The Instant Warmer for baby helps guarantee a consistent, comfortable temperature every time and keeps baby safe from any potential burns or hot spots.

Does Baby Formula Have to Be Warm?

Not necessarily– however, babies are known to prefer formula at a temperature that emulates breastmilk's natural warmth because it feels more natural during feeding time. When you use an instant water warmer for baby like the one created by Baby Brezza, parents can easily mix and warm baby’s bottles to a perfect, even temperature every time. Some parents may discover that their baby prefers cold formula! This is uncommon but not impossible. If baby is taking a long time to take to bottles for feeding time, experiment with the temperature using the three temp settings on the Instant Warmer for formula, and see what works best for your baby.

How Often Should I Clean My Instant Water Warmer?

A good rule of thumb for cleaning your Instant Baby Water Warmer is to clean it every 4 bottles or every 48 hours. While the water warmer for formula can keep water warm all day and all night, no parent wants to feed their baby using old water– not to mention leftover moisture can promote bacterial growth in those hard-to-clean areas. So, changing the water out often and cleaning the device regularly is encouraged. If parents use the Instant Water Warmer daily, the 50oz water chamber will empty fairly often as it is!


Preparing a bottle for your hungry baby just got a lot easier and faster. Baby Brezza’s Instant Warmer dispenses warm water on demand, all the time. No more agonizing waiting for a traditional bottle warmer to heat up the bottle while your baby is screaming their head off. Just use our baby water warmer for formula dispenser and press the lever to dispense warm water, mix in your formula, and you’re ready to feed your baby in seconds! 

The Instant Water Warmer ensures the bottle water is evenly heated and eliminates the risk of serving water that’s too hot. This dispenser offers 3 temperature settings so you can get the warmth you want. It maintains your selected temperature all day and night. You’ll love how much time it will save you! 

The revolutionary water warmer for formula and baby bottles works with all bottle brands and sizes, and the tanks hold 50 ounces of water – a day’s worth of formula. See how this quick-working device speeds up the baby bottle-warming process, which is a blessing to busy moms and dads everywhere. Order a warm water dispenser for baby bottles today.

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