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Instant Warmer for Baby Bottles

Makes a warm formula bottle instantly!

Instant Warmer for Baby Bottles

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  • Revolutionary way to INSTANTLY warm formula bottles - No more waiting 4+ minutes to warm a bottle with a traditional warmer
  • Dispenses warm water on demand 24-7 and maintains warm temperature all day and night. Just add formula & mix
  • Customize with 3 temperature settings: Body temperature, Warmer than body temperature, Room temperature
  • Airtight tank holds 50 oz of water to make a day’s worth of formula
  • Works with all brands and types of bottles
  • 18 month limited warranty (exclusive to buyers) or 1 year if you buy from other retailers; BPA-FREE
  • Also available in NEW Limited Edition Instant Warmer BlackView Now

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Additional Help

Preparing a bottle for your hungry baby just got a lot easier and faster. Baby Brezza’s Instant Warmer dispenses warm water on demand, all the time. No more agonizing waiting for a traditional bottle warmer to heat up the bottle while your baby is screaming their heads off. Just use our baby bottle warmer dispenser and press the lever to dispense warm water, mix in your formula and you’re ready to feed your baby in seconds! 

The Instant Warmer ensures the baby warmer is evenly heated and eliminates the risk of serving water that’s too hot. This dispenser offers 3 temperature settings so you can get the warmth you want. It maintains your selected temperature all day and night. You’ll love how much time it will save you! 

The revolutionary water warmer for baby bottles works with all bottle brands and sizes, and the tanks hold 50 ounces of water – a day’s worth of formula. See how this quick-working device speeds up the baby bottle warming process, which is a blessing to busy moms and dads everywhere. Order one today.