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Which Baby Brezza Formula Pro is right for me?

Are you tired of mixing and warming up bottles, esp. in the middle of night? And after spilling formula all over the place one too many times while half-awake, you're ready for a time-savings upgrade! Now you can make formula bottles super easy with the line of Formula Pro Advanced machines. Find the model that's best for you and your family below. 

The Formula Pro Advanced - a must-have for new and expecting parents

Whether you are a first-time parent or on your third, the Formula Pro Advanced is a game-changer! Just press a button and it automatically makes a warm formula bottle to the perfect consistency and temperature. Choose from 3 temperature settings and dispense from 2-10 ounces. Plus it makes the bottle prep process even more hygienic because the formula is stored in the machine's airtight powder container. It works with virtually all formula brands and all bottle sizes and types.

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The Formula Pro Advanced in Limited Edition Colors - for your inner designer

Do you want to add a bit of style in your kitchen? The Formula Pro Advanced in Limited Edition Colors helps your daily bottle-making match with your kitchen’s decor. These machines offer the same functionality as the Formula Pro Advanced but come in stylish Rose Gold and sleek Metallic Silver colors which will look great in your kitchen. 

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NEW Formula Pro Advanced with Wifi - for the futurist

The newest addition to the Formula Pro Advanced family brings formula prep to the next level. This model is Wifi equipped, so you can make a warm formula bottle from your phone using the free app! Imagine it's 3am -- your baby wakes up -- you wake up, reach over, push a button on your phone and voilla, by the time you get to the kitchen, the bottle is ready for you to feed your baby! Even further, this machine lets you customize and save five different bottles in the app, choosing from 3 temperature settings and 9 ounce levels. 

The Baby Brezza App (for IOS and Android) will alert you when your bottle is ready, when a bottle is needed, and when the machine’s water or formula powder needs to be refilled. Save and name your favorite settings for quick-use later on. If you are looking for ultimate convenience, this is the Formula Pro Advanced for you!

No matter which Formula Pro Advanced model you choose, Baby Brezza’s products will help you save time preparing your bottle, giving you more time with your family. Check out even more time-saving appliances like the Instant Warmer, Bottle Sterilizers, and more from Baby Brezza!


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