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What to Expect & Prepare When Leaving a Baby with Grandparents for the First Time?

Leaving your baby with their grandparents for the first time can feel easier than leaving them with a sitter. You may feel more comfortable leaving baby with grandparents for the first time because of the close, intimate relationship you have with your child’s grandparents. You may also have more frequent contact than you would with a babysitter, especially if you’re using a daycare that cares for several babies at once. In this guide, we’ll cover a checklist for leaving your child with grandma and grandpa for the first time, then follow up with a discussion about a few other concerns for baby’s first sleepover with the grandparents.

Although grandparents are usually veterans at raising children, there are a few easy tips that can help make the transition easier. Even if other family members or trusted friends are hosting, leaving your baby for the first time requires the same steps and guidelines to consider. Check out our quick tips for the first time leaving baby overnight below: 

  • Run through your routine with them.
  • Leave an emergency contact list.
  • Make a feeding and nap time schedule.
  • Leave, or bring, plenty of breastmilk, formula, and/or snacks. If formula feeding, we suggest purchasing them a Baby Brezza Instant Warmer Advanced or a Formula Pro Mini to help with preparation.
  • Provide an abundance of diapers, wipes, and ointments.
  • Ask questions when you get home to see how things went.

      When Is It Okay To Leave A Baby Overnight? 

      Now that you feel more prepared for the first time leaving your baby, your next question is probably when is it okay to leave the baby overnight? Since your baby’s sleep pattern changes tremendously over the first year of their life, leaving a baby overnight for the first time requires more preparation. Still, taking time for yourself and spending alone time with your partner or friends is valuable. Not only does it strengthen your close relationships, but it’s also a way to renew your spirit and recharge. Leaving baby with the grandparents for a night or weekend to yourselves is a great way to take stock, get a little relief, and to be reminded of the importance of family. After all, what are grandparents for?

      You’ll likely feel refreshed and ready to dive back into parenting when you come home. It is also healthy for your baby to develop relationships with other adults, especially family members and close friends. Leaving baby with grandparents for the first time is the initial step in socializing your little one, helping them learn trust and who their family is early on. This also teaches your child that you will come back when you leave, which is vital as they get older. Still, leaving your baby overnight for the first time is likely to be complicated. 

      While there’s no set age, most parents don’t feel comfortable leaving their baby until after the first four to nine months. Before that, a lot is going on with your baby as they learn their daily routine. You may still be perfecting breastfeeding or working on the bond between you or your partner and the baby. 

      Some babies wake up a lot at night, and working on a regular sleep routine can take time. So until this is established, it may feel more difficult to leave your baby overnight. For baby’s first sleepover at the grandparents’ house, the change in setting could even upset their normal sleeping routine– but don’t worry, as this is a completely normal growing pain, and will only improve the more they stay with grandma and grandpa.

      However, waiting too long can leave you with a whole new set of problems, including separation anxiety. Keep a close eye on how your baby’s sleep schedule changes. You can also talk to your pediatrician for tips on finding the overnight sweet spot for your baby.

      When Is It Okay To Leave A Baby With Grandparents Overnight? 

      For many parents, it can be easier to plan your baby’s first overnighter with their grandparents. But when is it okay to leave your baby with grandparents overnight? It depends on your baby and schedule. Leaving your baby too soon can impact feeding, bonding, and their sleep schedule. 

      Baby’s first sleepover at the grandparents’ place comes with a lot of nervousness, naturally. Consider finding a time that works within the overnighter sweet spot mentioned above. While most parents don’t feel comfortable leaving their baby until after the first four months, you and your baby might not be ready until they are nine months old. You’ll know when it is okay to leave your baby with their grandparents overnight. Find their unique sweet spot, and it’ll work out well for everyone involved.

      What Else Can Help My Baby Sleep The First Time I Leave Them Overnight? 

      Your baby’s sleep schedule is incredibly important to their overall health. Maintaining that schedule can be difficult, especially when changes and interruptions are thrown into the mix. Leaving your baby for the first time is sure to cause a little restlessness for all parties involved, from the vacationing parents to the hosting grandparents, and most definitely to the little one getting used to sleeping in a new place. The good news is there are several tools and baby products available to help your baby comfortably maintain their usual routine.

      Innovative smart sleep gadgets can keep your baby comfortable and help other caregivers soothe them to sleep when you’re away. Products like portable sound machines will help you baby sleep better. A double zipper sleep suit will keep baby cozy and secure while they sleep.

      Leaving your baby for the first time comes with various emotions, especially when leaving them overnight. Feeling guilty or sad is normal, but leaving your baby is a necessary and healthy component of their development. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for being away can ease the transition, and finding the right tools and products can make the process even less stressful. Before you know it, your baby will be used to being away from you. You’ll be able to get what you need to get done and maintain healthy adult relationships. Plus, your baby will be fine, and you’ll bask in the excitement and happiness on their face when you’re reunited!

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