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How to Test, Adjust & Use Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Settings

At Baby Brezza, the health and wellness of your baby is our Number 1 concern. When we develop our products, we conduct extensive testing to ensure they are safe so you can be fully confident when you use them at home. The Formula Pro Advanced, which helps parents automatically make a warm formula bottle, undergoes a series of rigorous tests to make sure it meets our high standards of safety, quality and accuracy, as well as the expectations of our users, before it leaves our factory. 

We understand however that frequent adjustments and maintenance may still be needed. That is why we have created this easy to follow guide as a Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced troubleshooting manual. Read on to discover the best practices for navigating the powder setting chart, adjusting settings, and even to learn how to clean the Formula Pro Advanced.

Is the Formula Pro Safe? 

Yes, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro is completely safe to use. At our factory, each unit goes through an extensive inspection process that confirms all components are functioning correctly. A third-party agency also tests every production run for dispensing accuracy, safety compliance, and cosmetic appearance before every shipment leaves the factory. If you want to learn how to test your Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced for accuracy, read on.

Does the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Sterilize the Water? 

No, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro does not sterilize water. However, we recommend using distilled water which is 100% free of any bacteria, viruses, mold, minerals and other toxins. While it is not necessary to sterilize the water for your baby’s formula, we do recommend sterilizing their bottles using a natural steam sterilizer like the One Step Bottle Sterilizer by Baby Brezza–which holds 8 bottles and 2 full pump part sets.

How to Test The Formula Pro Advanced for Accuracy

Baby Brezza conducts a meticulous testing process to ensure the perfect bottle is made every time How does the Baby Brezza formula dispenser work? Using a precision lab scale that measures to the hundredth of a gram, our in-house testing process involves weighing the amount of formula dispensed by a single machine ten times in a row to make sure the result is the same each time and equals the weight listed on the formula can’s label. 

If you are wondering how to test the Baby Brezza FPA accuracy, the process is actually quite simple. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Use a food scale that measures to the hundredth of a gram.
  2. Select the correct formula setting for the brand you are using.
  3. Place a piece of plastic wrap onto the food scale and zero out its weight.
  4. Take the plastic wrap and place it on top of the bottom section of the mixing funnel.
  5. Carefully insert the funnel cover lid, ensuring that the plastic doesn't cover the water connector.
  6. Insert funnel into the Baby Brezza Formula Pro.
  7. Press Start.
  8. Once the bottle is done, remove the funnel, as well as the formula that has been collected in the plastic wrap.
  9. Weigh the formula on the food scale.
  10. Weigh a scoop of the formula and compare it to the amount that was dispensed.

How Do I Know if My Baby Brezza FPA is Dispensing Correctly?

Are you worried that your Baby Brezza FPA is dispensing too much water? It is fairly simple to tell if your Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced device is dispensing correctly. Both the water and the formula should be dispensed at a normal speed, without any spillage. If the Formula Pro seems to be dispensing incorrectly, the best way to test its accuracy is to run the test detailed above.

Because the FPA is built to handle all major baby formula brands, it may take a little while to configure your settings just right. The most up-to-date Formula Pro Advanced settings for formula brands and types can be found by using our Global Settings Finder.

How to Use the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Global Settings Finder to Make Formula 

The appropriate Baby Brezza Formula Pro powder settings for your formula can be found in 4 easy steps, without the need of a powder setting chart:

  1. On the Global Settings Finder, select the Formula Pro model you are using.
  2. Select the country where your formula was sold.
  3. Choose formula brand.
  4. Choose formula type/ stage.

How Does the Baby Brezza Know How Much Formula to Dispense? 

Preparing your baby’s bottle with the correct formula-to-water ratio is essential for your baby’s health. A formula bottle diluted with too much water may not meet your baby’s nutritional needs. A bottle with an over-concentration of formula may strain your baby’s still-developing digestive system and kidneys, which can cause dehydration. But you may be wondering, how does Baby Brezza measure formula?

The Formula Pro Advanced provides a consistent way to make a warm formula bottle to precise standards. Our machine uses safe powder dispensing to measure powdered formula by weight. Typically, the optimal weight is specified on your formula can’s label. 

This method remains more accurate than measuring formula by hand, which relies upon volume measurement and approximation. The array of powder settings on the Baby Brezza are differentiated by formula brand. The book “Infant Feedings: Guidelines for Preparation of Human Milk and Formula In Health Care Facilities” by Sandra Robbins and Robin Meyers of the American Dietetic Association, Pediatrician Practice Group, states that measuring formula by hand can result in "human error" up to 25% of the time. 

How Do You Test Baby Brezza Formula for Desired Consistency? 

The Formula Pro Advanced was designed to create a formula bottle with the ideal consistency and temperature every time. To customize your bottle to your preferred specs, you can choose from three different warming settings including room temperature, body temperature and warmer than body temperature. If for any reason your Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is not dispensing enough formula – or the right amount, keep reading to learn about troubleshooting these issues.

What to Do if Your Baby Brezza FPA is Dispensing Too Much Water 

The ounce size on the Formula Pro control panel indicates water volume only. When powder is added to the water, the volume is increased, just like when you make a bottle by hand. The final volume of mixed formula is expected to be a little over the ounce amount indicated on the control panel. If your Baby Brezza device is dispensing too much water, and the amount of formula is significantly higher than the ounces you are expecting, please contact us.

What to Do if Your Baby Brezza FPA is Making Formula Too Watery 

If you do not properly, or consistently, clean your Formula Pro, you may create a clogging issue that causes the dispensed Baby Brezza formula to look watery. Try cleaning the funnel to make sure formula powder isn’t clogging the machine. If the problem persists, please contact customer service.

What to Do if Your Baby Brezza FPA is Not Dispensing Enough Water 

If your Baby Brezza is not dispensing enough water, consult the global settings and adjust the powder and formula settings. This should reset the dispenser and fix the issue. While this problem is rare, there may be an issue with the machine itself – in which case you should contact customer service for further assistance.

How to Clean the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced 

Maintenance is a key part of ensuring your Baby Brezza FPA stays safe and accurate. Because formula can build up on the funnel during mixing, it is important to clean the machine daily, after every 4th bottle, or when the clean funnel indicator light turns on. Additionally, you should give your Formula Pro a thorough cleaning and descaling once a month. For a full list step-by-step instructions on how to clean the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, be sure to read our cleaning and maintenance guide.

Is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Dishwasher Safe? 

While the water tank on the FPA is dishwasher-safe, we recommend cleaning the formula canister, mixing pieces and funnel by hand using warm water and a gentle soap.

How Do You Reset Your Formula Pro Advanced? 

In order to reset your FPA, you simply need to hold down the 3 buttons (ounce, start, and stop) at the same time until the machine resets. 

All of the answers to your questions about our products including the powder and formula settings, can be found in our extensive user manuals. If you have any other questions, please refer to our FAQ page, or the following FPA manuals:

Baby Brezza understands that when you purchase our products, you are trusting us to help you care for your baby. We take that responsibility very seriously. Through our testing process, we strive to give parents peace of mind that our bottle and food prep products, including the Formula Pro Advanced, are safe to use with the littlest and most precious members of your family.

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