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Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for the expectant parents in your life can be a challenging task. There are so many baby products on the market, it’s no wonder that you may feel overwhelmed by your choices. Do you go with a dapper diaper bag for dad? A stylish breast pump bag from mom? What about those insanely cute socks for baby?

Just showing your support for any expectant parent is a lot. However, if you want a gift that truly makes a difference, leave the baby clothes and diaper caddy for someone else to buy. Shop these unique, must-have baby shower gifts from Baby Brezza that will save a soon-to-be parent plenty of time (which they definitely won’t have enough of when their baby arrives).

Formula Pro Advanced

This is a gift that expectant parents never knew they needed. The Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser is a parent’s lifesaver. The machine automatically makes a warm, formula bottle instantly. Because it takes virtually no time to make a bottle, mom and dad can quickly get back to cuddling their little one (or doing the hundreds of other things they need to tackle). When their baby starts to fuss, a parent can make a perfectly mixed bottle with a press of a button. The miracle machine is fully customizable and works with most formula brands and bottle sizes. It’s so simple it will have parents wondering – “how did I live without this?”

There’s no measuring, no mixing, no fuss, and most importantly, no time wasted. This unique device gifts a lot more than just the product itself. It gifts time. And convenience. Isn’t that what any new parent wants? 

Mommy Taylor gave it a 5 star rating and said, “I would buy this product over and over again. It is something every mom needs. It makes feeding formula-fed babies a breeze! 

One Step™ Baby Bottle Sterilizer Dryer

The best part about gifting is when you completely nail it. Oftentimes, parents don’t know what they need until the moment occurs, so they might miss the opportunity to ask for a bottle sterilizer and dryer. Many new parents don’t realize they should sterilize bottles and pump parts before their first use and regularly thereafter. And even fewer realize that when they air dry sterilized baby products on a non-sterile drying rack, they undermine the benefit of sterilization.

Well, a gift like the One Step™ Sterilizer Dryer is a convenient way to solve this. This machine automatically sterilizes and dries bottles, pump parts, and other accessories in 1 easy step. So by pressing 1 button, a new parent can easily sterilize and dry their baby products. The sterilizer uses natural steam to kill 99.9% of germs, and the products stay sterile for up to 24 hours when the device is unopened.

The 4-in-1 appliance can be used as a sterilizer and dryer, sterilizer only, dryer only, or storage system. It offers an easy-to-use LCD control panel, space for up to 6 bottles at a time plus accessories and 3 drying times (30, 45 and 60 minutes). This product is the hack any new mom or dad will love. 

One mom says, “the moment I saw this on one of my mommy friend’s counter I knew right away I wanted to have one…so far it hasn’t disappointed me yet.” 

Another mom shares, “my bottles and pump gear are always nice and sterilized and DRY. I love the dry feature.”

Bottle Washer Pro

Bottle Washer Pro is the cleanest and safest option for bottle washing. Capable of washing, sterilizing, and drying every bottle component, this bottle washer uses 20 high-pressure jets to reach every crevice and hard-to-reach area, helping to ensure completely safe bottles for baby’s next feeding time. This baby bottle washer also offers a HEPA filter guaranteeing the most safely-dried bottles possible. With 6 cleaning modes available, a chamber capable of storing up to 4 bottles, parts, & accessories, and separate, removable tanks for clean and dirty water, this bottle washer provides ease of use and the comfort of keeping your bottles as safe and clean as possible. It also uses 50% less water than hand-washing bottles and is even more thorough than hand-washing, too. The baby bottle washer is easy to use and clean, so parents never have to waste time wondering if their baby’s bottles are being left open to any potential bacteria.

Whether you’re the best friend or a grandparent-to-be, the parents-to-be will love whatever you gift them when it comes from the heart - and Baby Brezza. The gift of time is a gift from the heart.  

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