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How to Warm Breast Milk 101

Nature intended for babies to drink warm milk, so why not serve them what nature wants? Babies prefer warm milk over anything else because a mother’s breast milk - your “liquid gold” - is at or near the average human body temperature of 98 degrees before it’s stored.

According to Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann, a Pediatrician and former Chief of Staff at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, serving “cold breast milk or formula might lower the body temperature of a newborn, which can be risky.” When a baby’s body temperature drops, oxygen use increases, putting stress on the tiny body. Your baby could become fussy, exhausted, and experience stomach aches.

Warming Your Breast Milk

Protect your liquid gold by warming it properly. When it’s time to warm your breast milk, stay away from the microwave – no matter what. It’s great for warming last night’s leftovers but will ruin the nutrients in breastmilk because of the high heat. Microwaves also don’t heat evenly which can be dangerous to your baby. According to a review from BabyGearLab,

“microwave ovens do not heat liquids evenly. Uneven heating could easily scald a baby or damage the milk. Also, bottles may explode if left in the microwave for too long.”


You’ll also want to avoid boiling a bottle in hot water. If you’re using a plastic bottle, you might run the risk of melting it. High heat can also deplete the nutrients in breast milk, and waiting for the water to boil is just too time-consuming.

“The key to warming breast milk while preserving its full nutritional value is to avoid overheating,” 

according to the BabyGearLab review. That’s where the Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer comes into play.

Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Baby Bottle Warmer

The Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Baby Bottle Warmer is your go-to solution for warming breast milk (and formula too) properly. It is the only bottle warmer that safely and evenly warms breast milk and formula because it has two settings - Steady Warm and Quick Warm.

Steady Warm is perfect for breastmilk because it uses a warm water bath to warm or defrost breastmilk, preserving its nutrients. Traditional bottle warmers use steam heat to warm breast milk, which is too hot and destroys proteins. 

Quick Warm on the other hand is ideal for formula. It uses steam heat to rapidly warm formula or baby food which can withstand higher temperatures produced by steam heating. 

The Baby Brezza warmer is also the only bottle warmer with Bluetooth. So you can use the FREE Baby Brezza app on your mobile device to operate the device and receive updates when your bottle is ready. That’s the “smart” part of the warmer.

What If My Baby Doesn’t Finish the Bottle?

Now that you’ve warmed your liquid gold, your baby can start drinking! If he or she doesn’t finish the whole bottle, you’ll want to dispose of the remains within 2 hours after the initial heating and feeding, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Refrigerating already warmed breastmilk is not recommended.

Don’t forget to properly sterilize your breast pump parts and bottles regularly to make sure your feeding accessories are free of germs.

By following these do’s and don’ts, you’re ensuring your baby gets 100% of the goodness from your liquid gold!

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