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How to Use A Baby Bottle Dryer

After you’ve scrubbed, rinsed, and sterilized your child’s baby bottles, is your work complete?

Is It Necessary to Dry Baby Bottles?

Although you do not need to dry a baby bottle if you are using it right away, it is necessary to completely dry bottles before putting them away. In order to prevent bacteria growth, drying your baby bottles is an essential part of the cleaning process.

Some parents plop the sparkling, dewy bottles on a drying rack and call it a wrap or use a soft towel to wipe away water.

Other parents use a baby bottle dryer to ensure that bottles are thoroughly dried and ready for the next use.

Which method is the best way to dry baby bottles?


The methods by which most parents dry baby bottles aren’t too complex.

There are essentially three camps, as mentioned above:

Drip dry. Many parents leave freshly sterilized baby bottles to dry on a specially designed rack, or a regular dish drying rack. Although, we’re not against this bottle drying method, the process can be time consuming and your drying rack will also have to be sterilized often.

Towel dry – Not Recommended. Though it might seem logical to finish washing baby bottles, then use a towel to dry the bottles, it is definitely not a recommended option!

Even a seemingly fresh dish towel could be harboring bacteria that may contaminate your otherwise clean and sterile bottle.

Baby Bottle Dryer – Our Favorite. For parents wanting to learn how to dry baby bottles quickly and effectively, this option is for you. For baby bottles that are dry and sterile, it’s hard to beat the convenience of an electric baby bottle dryer. This handy device will dry bottles completely and keep them sterile for up to 24 hours. It saves you time and also takes away your doubts on the cleanliness of the bottles.

Baby Bottle Dryer Vs. Air Drying

So if you’re stuck deciding between using a baby bottle dryer and just letting the bottles air dry, here’s a little more insight to help you decide which option is better.

Consider the following:

-Baby bottles that are left to dry on a rack take up valuable counterspace.

Yes, a baby bottle dryer also takes up a little room on the counter, but seeing a dish draining rack all the time can make your countertop feel cluttered.

Not to mention, the bottles can be easily knocked over onto the floor or into the sink – meaning they’ll need another round of thorough cleaning.

-Without adequate drainage, bacteria can build up.

Dish drainers or baby bottle racks that don’t have enough drainage or aren’t cleaned regularly can become a breeding ground for bacteria that may contaminate your baby bottles.

With an electric baby bottle dryer, the inside of the unit and the bottles will become as dry as can be in no time at all.

-Dry bottles faster to prevent mold or fungus.

The faster you dry your baby bottles, the less chance there is that mold or fungus will set in.

If left damp for too long or if water collects in the bottom of the bottle, mold and fungus can begin to grow.

How Can I Make My Baby Bottles Dry Faster?

A bottle dryer can have your baby bottles dry and ready to go in anywhere from 30-60 minutes!

-Keeps baby bottles sterile for up to 24 hours.

Once you’ve sterilized and dried your baby bottles, you can leave them inside the Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer Bottle Dryer for up to 24 hours and rest assured they’re still sterile.

The same can’t be said for a countertop baby bottle drying rack. If someone sneezes or coughs around your baby bottles, they’re all in need of re-washing and sterilizing.

Use a Baby Bottle Dryer for Faster, Effective Drying

Make your life a little easier by purchasing a baby bottle dryer.

You can eliminate the worry of bacteria, mold, and germs contaminating your baby bottles during the drying or storing process. You’ll especially love that one machine can both sterilize and dry baby bottles – saving you time and counterspace!

A baby bottle dryer may seem like a luxury, but it’ll quickly become the essential end to your bottle cleaning process.

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