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Why You Need a Baby Bottle Warmer for Your Little One

A simple device exists that takes feeding time from a lukewarm chore to a ‘just right’ experience for your little one: it’s called a baby bottle warmer

Remember the tale of Goldilocks in the home of the three bears?

At one point, Goldilocks samples a bite from three bowls of porridge. The first is too hot, the second is too cold, but the third one is just right!

Does your baby feel like Goldilocks? If you make the bottle too hot, you could burn your little one. If it’s too cold, then the bottle may go unfinished. But a bottle that is heated to the right temperature is sure to make your little one think, “This is just right!”

Top Reasons to Use a Baby Bottle Warmer 

There are some very compelling reasons to include a baby bottle warmer on your baby registry – or to order one now if your little one has already arrived! 

In addition to the fact that babies are accustomed to milk that is at body temperature, here are 5 more reasons to use a baby bottle warmer

  1. Preserve nutrients. You should never heat up breastmilk in the microwave. Doing so can affect the composition of the milk and zap out key nutrients.
  2. Achieve an even temperature. When you microwave baby formula, you run the risk of uneven heating. This could result in hot spots in the liquid that might burn your baby’s mouth.
  3. Avoid changes in consistency. It can be easy to scald breastmilk if you try heating it on the stove.
  4. Spend less time on bottle warming. Running hot water over the bottle until the right temperature is reached requires your full attention. The same thing is true if you try to heat milk on the stove.
  5. No extra pots or dishes to wash. If you go with a stovetop heating method, or put the bottle in a bowl of warm water, you’ll have that many more items to wash.

A baby bottle warmer solves all these problems and more!

How Baby Brezza’s Baby Bottle Warmer Operates 

The Safe + Smart baby bottle warmer from Baby Brezza is an efficient, reliable, and safe way to heat breastmilk or formula for your little one.

Here’s a quick overview of how it functions. 

For Breastmilk: Heating breastmilk at a steady temperature is key to preserving the nutritional value of the milk. To accomplish this, the Baby Brezza bottle warmer circulates warm water around the bottle to gently bring it up to the right temperature. 

For Formula: To quickly heat a bottle of formula for your hungry baby, the bottle warmer uses steam to raise the temperature.

For Defrosting: Whether it’s frozen breastmilk or baby food, you can safely defrost it using the Baby Brezza bottle warmer.

Smart Features for a Better Baby Bottle Warmer

In addition to heating bottles safely, the Baby Brezza bottle warmer does it intelligently.

  • Simply download the Baby Brezza app, and you’ll receive a notice straight to your smartphone when the bottle is ready. You can also control the device from the app. 
  • Tell the baby bottle warmer whether you are starting with room temperature or cold milk to make the process more efficient. 
  • Keep the cord out of sight! When not using the baby bottle warmer, simply wrap the cord within the storage spot on the base of the unit. Less cords and less clutter mean less hassle for busy parents. 

If you’re looking for a way to not just heat baby’s bottle but also make a bottle of formula milk, then check out the Formula Pro. This handy device will give you a perfectly mixed and heated bottle that is ready for feeding time in no time at all.

Take the guesswork out of heating milk for your little one by using a baby bottle warmer. Instead of feeling like Goldilocks, your baby will be happy and well fed with a bottle that is ‘just right’ – every time.


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