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Why The Formula Pro Dispenser Is More Accurate, Consistent & Hygienic Than Making Bottles By Hand!

If you’re a new parent, you know you’re going to be making a lot of bottles – probably one every 2-3 hours for months on end. That’s a lot of pouring & formula spilling and bottle mixing and shaking for a tired mom or dad. You may have heard about our Formula Pro's or the “Baby Keurig” as many users affectionately call it. But you might wondering -- “a formula dispenser worth it?” The resounding issue is “Yes!”. And the reasons why may surprise you a little.

Faster & Simpler

For most users, the #1 reason to get a Formula Pro is because it makes the entire baby bottle prep process faster & simpler. Just press a button and the machine automatically makes a warm formula bottle instantly. This formula bottle prep machine mixes, warms and dispenses formula to the perfect consistency, every time, in seconds! No measuring, no mixing, no warming and no fuss! Most users save up to 5 minutes per bottle – which can turn into 30+ minutes of newfound time per day to do everything else on your plate like deciphering your baby’s first coos.

More Accurate & Consistent than Hand Scooping

A second reason to get a Formula Pro is that it's a lot more accurate than hand scooping. It's nearly impossible to scoop the same amount of any powder like protein powder or chocolate milk from scoop to scoop. In fact, studies show there’s up to a 25% variation from one scoop to the next. This means if you’re hand scooping, your baby may be getting up to 25% more or 25% less formula per two ounces of water in every bottle -- which could be harmful to their development.

The Formula Pro's on the other hand dispense the proper amount of formula for two ounces of water every time! The reason – these machines use a unique setting for every brand and type formula to ensure it delivers the proper ratio of water to formula that’s listed on the formula package, making meal prep for infants easier than ever. Click here to see how we develop formula settings.

More Hygienic

A third reason to use a Formula Pro is they're a lot more hygienic than hand scooping. The machine dispenses formula from an airtight powder container. This means no germs -- which is very different than reaching into the formula package to scoop out formula which can easily transfer germs from your hands to the powder, so the formula dispenser is healthier than preppy a bottle by hand.

No Air Bubbles

Lastly, another reason is that ALL of our the Formula Pro's mix automatically  - making it the solution to mixing baby formula without shaking and air bubbles. When you make a bottle by hand, you need to shake the bottle to mix the water and formula together, which can add air bubbles and cause gas and colic.

It's a LifeSaver and Game-Changer

For all of the reasons, most users call the Formula Pro's a “lifesaver” and “game changer” and can’t live without. Dani M from Smyrna, TN said: “Game Changer! Was on the fence about buying but LOVE LOVE this machine!” See all of the reviews at

Check out ALL our Formula Pro's now – you won’t regret it, especially every time your hangry baby wakes you up at 3am.


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