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How Much to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift

It’s a dilemma like no other: You’ve got a baby shower coming up soon and you haven’t bought a gift yet. What is the socially acceptable amount to spend on a present?

Before you go crazy on a baby shower gift, there are a few things to consider - especially if you want to get an appropriate gift for the expectant parents. Begin by asking yourself, how well do I know the expectant mother/family? This can help you determine how much moolah you want to set aside. Once you’ve established that, you can begin to brainstorm some fun, unique and essential gift ideas.

Co-worker or Acquaintance

It’s always safe to go with something small, yet useful. The price point can be around $25. Take a look at the expectant momma’s registry and select something practical. Most new moms and dads will feed their baby formula and no one wants air bubbles. Here’s a suggestion  the Baby Brezza One Step Formula Mixer — which automatically mixes a day’s worth of formula without air bubbles. It’s super cool to watch and your expectant friends will thank you immensely. 


Like a trusted friend, you can’t go wrong with giving the new parents something they will use every day. It’s standard that friends stay in the $50 range. That makes the Baby Brezza Newborn Bottle Gift Set the perfect gift. It includes bottles that are the easiest to clean plus replacement nipples and bottle brushes/cleaning cloths. The expectant parents will thank you for getting them a bottle that baby will love and they’ll love too because it has 1 fewer piece than all other bottles so it will save them time assembling and cleaning.  

The new Mom or Dad will also need a stylish diaper bag to carry around, so something like the Eddie Bauer Echo Diaper Backpack with its exceptional organization, spacious interior and removable changing pad will do the trick.

Close Friend, Relatives or Grandparents

If you’re someone very close or related to the soon-to-be parents, you should splurge on a gift that makes a real difference in their lives. Your price range can vary from $100 to $250. But, don’t feel like you have to take on that expense all by yourself. You can split the cost on an amazing shower gift with other family members or close friends.

In the first few months after the baby is born, new parents will make 6 or more formula bottles a day. A gift like the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser will allow them to automatically make a warm formula bottle instantly. It’s like a Baby Keurig! And the expectant friends will thank you multiple times a day for saving them so much time! 

Another option is to help the expectant parents prepare for introducing solids which happens sooner than they think when their baby is 6 months old. A perfect gift is the Baby Brezza One Step™ Food Maker Deluxe which automatically steams and blends homemade baby food in one easy step. There’s no easier way to make homemade baby food which is not only better for baby’s development but also saves parents hundreds of dollars versus store-bought baby food. 

Another way to save expectant parent’s time (which by the way, they won’t have enough of when baby arrives) is to give the Baby Brezza One Step™ Sterilizer Dryer. This machine automatically sterilizes and dries bottles, pump parts, and accessories in one easy step. The last thing anyone wants is for the new baby to get an infection from bacteria that can grow from an unsterilized baby bottle. The sterilizer dryer reduces that risk by killing 99.9% of germs with natural steam in just 8 minutes  then automatically drying so a drying rack isn’t necessary.  

Baby Brezza has all kinds of products that you can mix and match to create a thoughtful, well-appreciated gift that will give the parents more time to spend with their new bundle of joy.

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