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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning With a Baby at Home

There’s no doubt that caring for a baby takes up most of a parent's time and energy. Even home cleaning for new parents can be very overwhelming –– especially if you don’t have any help. On top of this, your tiny little baby is constantly producing enormous amounts of laundry, dirty bottles, and a little chaos everywhere they go!

So while spring cleaning may start to feel a little impossible as a new parent, we are here to tell you that it is possible. Our helpful house cleaning tips and tricks will help you adjust to doing housework and keeping your home clean, even with a newborn. Creating baby-safe cleaning routines– as well as establishing routines that will save you time– is the key to handling household chores with a newborn. Read on to learn some of our favorite housework- and baby-friendly tips.

What Should I Clean Before Baby Arrives?

New dad and new mother house cleaning advice starts before delivery. Baby-safe cleaning is arguably at its most important before your bundle of joy even comes home for the first time. Before even bringing your baby home, you should set yourself up for success by cleaning, decluttering, and sterilizing your home. This in turn will create a safe environment for your newborn. Wash all baby clothes, washcloths, towels, and blankets with baby safe detergent. Then, try to save time to clean your floors and make an effort to deep clean any carpeting. Finally, be sure to sterilize all bottles, nipples, breast pump parts, and pacifiers using an advanced Baby Bottle Sterilizer.

How to Clean Your House With a Baby

1.Create a Daily Cleaning Schedule for Household Chores with a Baby

If you’re learning how to get housework done with a baby, make sure to keep time on your side. Creating a cleaning schedule will allow you to prioritize what areas of the home need to be cleaned the most, as well as help manage expectations for what you can accomplish each day. Time management is key when juggling all the responsibilities of caring for a baby, yourself, and the house. You should break the housework down into small, manageable tasks and stick to a simple routine.

2. Leave the Baby in a Bouncer/ Rocker for Baby Safe Cleaning

When learning how to manage housework with a baby, always remember to use toys and fun to your advantage! Baby bouncers and rockers can be a parent’s best friend –– if the baby likes them. If you’re lucky, they will possess the magical ability to soothe a fussy baby while also distracting them with hanging toys and music. This is a perfect time to get some cleaning done, or to just sit back, relax, and focus on your self-care.

3. Clean While They Nap

Sometimes, home cleaning for new parents is best done when there’s a little downtime. A baby's nap time is no doubt the best time to catch up on housework. If your baby has trouble staying asleep during naps, try a white noise machine or a vibrating mat.

It is also important to keep an eye on your baby while they nap, but if you don’t have a baby monitor, consider wrapping them in the Baby Brezza Safe Sleep Swaddle. This will comfortably secure them on their back all night long to reduce the risk of rolling over, and contributes to even better baby-safe cleaning.

4. Use a Carrier/ Sling
Learning how to manage housework with a baby takes a little creative thinking sometimes. If your baby loves sleeping in your arms, consider carrying them around with you! A carrier or sling is perfect for when you need to do light household chores but still want to keep your baby close to you. Household chores with a baby can divide a parent’s attention in many ways. Just remember to be safe, avoid more labor-intensive chores, and never expose them to any dangerous cleaning chemicals.

5. Take Advantage of Effective Cleaning Tools

Doing household chores with a baby all on your own doesn't mean you have to say no to help! When learning how to manage housework with a baby, keep the modern in mind! Nowadays, there are so many amazing cleaning tools specially designed for busy parents. Sanitize and dry your baby’s bottles quickly and easily with the One Step Sterilizer Dryer Advanced from Baby Brezza. This reliable appliance can hold up to 8 bottles at one time and dries 33% faster. Then, save even more time with the convenient Instant Bottle Warmers and intuitive Formula Makers. Each of these tools will make feeding and food-prep a breeze, so reimagine easy bottle-making today.

Household chores for new parents should never be more stressful than they have to be. The most important thing to remember when cleaning with a baby is to not do everything yourself. Whether it’s your partner, family member or a cool cleaning gadget, it’s completely okay to accept help.

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