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How to Help Baby Sleep While Traveling: A Guide to Travel Cots, Cribs & Sleep Gear

As a parent, traveling with your baby is all about finding the perfect balance between safety, comfort, and rest. Whether it’s finding the right sleep travel bed, deciding when to let your baby sleep, or wondering how your baby will be accommodated at or between your destinations, a world of questions come to mind to ensure we’re giving baby– and ourselves– the best options available. Baby Brezza strives to make the journey easier with answers for baby travel cribs, sleepers, and extra gear to make every adventure the best for you and your baby.

What Do Babies Sleep in When Traveling?

Giving your baby the best sleep options is the number one way to guarantee a happy traveler. When on the road, babies experience their best sleep when alone in a crib, bassinet, or pack & play – in fact, most major hotel chains provide cribs at no extra cost to parents looking to stop along the way, or arriving at their destination. To guarantee your baby gets the rest necessary for that next day on the go, products like our Smart Soothing Mat can provide extra comfort at night or during nap time.

When Should Baby Sleep When Traveling?

Travel can affect what you and your baby are used to in a big way; from sleep routines to feeding time, a baby is used to – and expects – things to happen around the same time. This is why it’s important to try to keep your baby close to their normal sleep schedule on the road, making it easier for them to fall asleep and wake up road-ready. Swaddling options for baby can help bring that peaceful snooze on even sooner, and can give parents comfort in the process, knowing their baby is safe and sound.

How Do You Travel With a Traveling Crib?

Before setting out on your trip, it’s important to choose the best travel crib for baby. Then, ensuring the crib itself is protected and provided for can make a world of a difference in the way your baby travels with you. While packing, pad your travel crib and avoid putting heavy items on top of it. This will help you protect your precious cargo and guarantee a longer lasting place for your baby to rest. The less often you have to buy a new crib, the more your baby will become used to theirs! 

Can You Gate Check a Travel Crib?

Babies can be great travelers, but they usually aren’t ready to check and carry their own luggage yet – including themselves! Cribs are typically included in your checked bag allowance, which often means having to compensate accordingly.

Most standard sized cribs will fall within the size limits for checked bags, but always be sure to double check weight and measurements before traveling with your baby.

What Baby Items Are Free on Flights?

While cribs count as checked luggage, other important items are free to bring on board to ensure an easy flight for parents and babies alike. Child carriers, booster seats, and strollers can all usually be brought on at no extra cost. Keeping the right carry-on bag can help your little adventurer have the best trip possible too. Plus, with convenient options like the Dante Changing Station Backpack, you can quickly change your baby on the go – no matter where life takes you.

What Age Can a Baby Sleep in a Travel Cot?

Parents often wonder when it’s time for their baby to move on from a crib and into a bed. Once a baby reaches 3 years, it’s usually time to move away from the crib and into their first bed. When on the go, a travel cot becomes an option the minute your baby is able to climb out of the crib. 

How Can I Make My Baby’s Travel Cot More Comfortable?

While cots come in handy and are a great addition to your baby’s well-rested travels, they can feel unfamiliar and sometimes lack that full bed-like quality every sleeper appreciates. Bringing familiar bedding can help give that extra piece of home to your baby’s travel cot, with a smell or feel that they recognize for comfort. The Baby Brezza 3-in-1 Sleepsuit is another helpful piece to bring your baby an easy slumber on the road: it’s breathable, convertible, and hugs baby throughout their restful night.

What Other Sleep Gear Can I Use to Help My Baby Sleep While Traveling?

There’s a lot that goes into giving yourself and your baby a peaceful journey along the way. From choosing the right travel sleeper for baby, to wondering how to travel with your homemade baby food, the decisions that go into getting your baby to your next destination are as important as getting to where you’re going. Extra items like the Soothe Massager can help bring your baby to a calm rest, which means you’ll sleep easier too. Traveling with your baby sometimes isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult; keeping them safe, supported, and well-rested means parents can relax on their trips too, ensuring everyone’s ready for the next adventure.

Does A Sound Machine Help When Traveling?

A portable sound machine for your baby can be beneficial during infancy. As your baby gets used to falling asleep without the sound of your heartbeat or the other background noises that lulled them to sleep in the womb, a sound machine can be an excellent substitute. It can also help cover up sounds of other kids playing in the house, barking dogs, ringing doorbells, vacuums running, and other household sounds that can interrupt your baby’s sleep.

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