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The Benefits of Sound Machines & White Noise for Babies

Sleep is essential to normal and healthy child development. If you are a new parent, sometimes the idea of sleep can seem like a dream in itself. Still, many babies struggle with falling into their groove for a solid sleep routine.

Luckily today, there are several resources to help your baby sleep. Although many new parents lean towards complete silence, most babies require some level of noise to help them sleep. After all, they’re used to all types of noises in the womb, starting with your heartbeat. So, using a sound machine or white noise for your baby can be incredibly helpful when developing a healthy sleep routine. Let’s discuss the advantages of using a baby sound machine and how to pick the right one. Understanding the benefits of white noise for babies will cut down on the stress that bedtime can oftentimes bring, giving your little one– and yourself– more time to rest. We’ll go over some of the major upsides before rounding out with an infant white noise machine that we believe will work wonders for your baby.

Do Babies Need a Sound Machine? 

The decision to use a baby sound machine is ultimately up to the parents, but there are several benefits to using an infant white noise machine. If your baby is accustomed to noise, a quiet environment can actually have the opposite effect on them when it comes time to sleep. As a result, truly high-quality sound machines can actually promote more restful sleep and relaxation for your baby. While most parents use them to help their baby fall asleep, they can also help keep your baby asleep during a nap or all through the night. 

The benefits of a sound machine for baby work in more ways than simply lulling your little one to dreamland. Using a baby sound machine can also help mask household noises that threaten your baby’s sleep throughout the day or night. For example, if you need to get some housework done while your baby is napping, a sound machine can block out noises while allowing your baby to sleep better.

Does a Sound Machine Help Newborns? 

A portable sound machine for your baby can be beneficial during infancy. As your baby gets used to falling asleep without the sound of your heartbeat or the other background noises that lulled them to sleep in the womb, white noise for babies can be an excellent substitute. It can also help cover up sounds of other kids playing in the house, barking dogs, ringing doorbells, vacuums running, and other household sounds that can interrupt your baby’s sleep.

Do Newborns Need White Noise? 

Again, using a white noise machine for babies is a preference more than a necessity but offers several advantages to newborns. White noise machines create a womb-like environment that helps infants fall asleep. It can be incredibly calming for infants, encouraging them to stop crying and helping them stay asleep longer. Infant white noise machines can also silence your baby’s built-in alarm clock that may wake them up every 20-30 minutes and interrupt more extended sleep periods.

Is It Okay to Play White Noise All Night for a Baby? 

White noise benefits babies’ rest in many ways, but parents should remain mindful. While there’s no set time for how long you should play it for your baby, setting limits is critical. Time limits prevent newborns from becoming dependent on the white noise they initially need to sleep through the night. As your baby grows, you can wean them off the sound machine more easily when they don’t rely on this white noise to sleep through the night. 

Eventually, you may stop using a sound machine for your baby entirely. However, when you decide to stop using the infant white noise machine will vary depending on your and your baby’s personal preferences. 

Continue to experience your little one’s sound machine benefits by keeping conservation in mind. Setting time limits can help save energy and prevent your machine from burning out prematurely. Since the best baby sound machine can cost $100 or more, this can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

How Loud Should White Noise Be for a Baby? 

Are you wondering how loud white noise should be for your baby? Since your baby’s auditory senses are more sensitive the younger they are, it’s essential to keep track of how loud you’re setting your infant white noise machine. Still, you should also understand the noise decibels your baby can handle. 

While new parents tend to think of their baby as extremely delicate, the “shushing” sound in utero can range anywhere from 70 to 90 decibels. For comparison, most vacuum cleaners operate at 70-80 decibels. So, your baby is used to some pretty loud noises! However, this doesn’t mean their ears are prepared to deal with loud volumes all the time, and the benefits of a sound machine for baby will be more useful at environmentally similar levels. 

While it can be tricky to determine precisely how loud the white noise should be for your baby, you’ll want to match it to your environment and adjust as your environment changes. For example, if your baby is crying, you’ll need to set your machine to match their crying. Believe it or not, this can be up to 120 decibels when your baby is upset. Once your baby starts to fall asleep, you should adjust the intensity of your machine. The best white noise machine for baby should always include a dial or range of volume settings, so that lowering and raising the noise is fully adaptable to your current setting. All night, white noise machines can be safely played at 50-70 decibels. Still, you should start by setting 30-60 minute limits to prevent dependency.

Is White Noise Bad for Babies? 

Some parents wonder if white noise is bad for babies. Ultimately, the answer is no– as we’ve discussed, white noise benefits baby’s rest in many ways. However, setting your machine volume too high can impact your infant’s auditory health. As mentioned above, leaving your baby’s machine playing all night can also lead to dependency. The best way to avoid any experience where white noise is bad for babies is to opt for a device with adjustable sound and time limits. 

Consequently, the best baby white noise machines allow you to set time limits. Additionally, some of the best sound machines for babies come with built-in volume limits.

What Is the Best Sound Machine for a Baby? 

Shopping for the best white noise machine for baby can be challenging, as low-quality options tend to abound. Before you start looking, ask yourself if your baby needs a sound machine. Since most babies benefit from using a sound machine during infancy, here are some things to look for when purchasing a sound machine.

  • Sound Selection- Babies respond to different sounds based on their auditory experiences. That’s why the best baby sound machines offer sound selection options. This helps you find your baby’s personal preferences and adjust as they grow and change. 
  • Timer- Finding a sound machine with a timer can save you from having to go in and shut your baby’s machine off. 
  • Automatic shutoff- Many new models come with an automatic shutoff which can help save energy and prevent device burnout. 
  • Portability- Finding a portable sound machine for your baby is also important. These can go with you on vacation or when they stay with family or friends. Traveling with your portable sound machine can then help your baby maintain a healthy sleep schedule and avoid unnecessary interruptions. 
  • Adjustable Volume- You’ll also want to find a baby sound machine with adjustable volume. Setting the right sound decibel depends on your baby’s personal preferences and auditory senses. 

When looking for the best baby sound machine, some other benefits  to consider are whether the device includes a night light, a battery power option, or the ability to sync to your phone. 

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