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How to Travel Pack or Store a Week's Worth of Breast Milk or Baby Formula

It never hurts to have a little extra breast milk on hand - and that goes double for when mom is traveling!

Learning how to store breast milk after pumping is one of the most important skills for traveling moms to master. Building a safe stockpile of breast milk makes it easy for you to hit the road, and even easier for dad, grandma, or any other guardian to help keep the baby’s feeding schedule on track while on-the-go. 

In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on everything you need to know to start storing breast milk ahead of your next adventure.

How to Pump and Store a Week's Worth of Breast Milk Before Traveling

So, how should moms adjust their pumping routine to prepare for upcoming travel? 

We recommend pumping roughly an hour after your baby’s first nursing session of the day for the best milk production. And since breast milk can be safely frozen for up to six months, we encourage moms to start stocking up on breast milk a few weeks before their departure date to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. 

The best way to store your breastmilk long-term is in a freezer below 32℉. If you don’t have access to a freezer, breast milk and formula can be safely stored between 32-40℉ for up to 24 hours before feeding. Once you hit the road, we recommend keeping your milk, formula, and baby food cold in an insulated cooler or diaper bag.

How to Safely Thaw Frozen Breast Milk

The safest and most convenient way to thaw frozen breast milk is with our high-tech Bottle + Breastmilk Warming Set.

Featuring a steam-free heating unit that doesn’t break down breast milk nutrients and proteins, the Bottle + Breastmilk Warmer set is perfect for parents that want their babies to get the most out of their frozen breast milk while traveling.  

[To learn more about the best tips and tricks for safely thawing frozen breast milk, check out our blog!]

How Do I Pump Away From My Baby for a Week?

The best strategy for pumping while you’re away from your baby for a week is maintaining your normal routine. 

Pretty easy, right? 

Pumping at the same time of day while traveling will help your body’s milk production stay on track and ensure an easy transition back into your normal routine after your trip.  

If you’re still figuring out the best pumping routine for your body, try pumping every three hours

How Can You Keep Breast Milk Frozen While Traveling?

The best way to keep breast milk frozen while traveling is in a high-quality, insulated cooler. Make sure the seal on your cooler is airtight, and fill empty spaces with frozen ice packs to keep your breast milk frozen for as long as possible. 

Be sure the internal temperature in your cooler stays below 32℉ to avoid accidentally unthawing your supply! 

How Do You Keep Breast Milk Cold in a Diaper Bag?

Breast milk that gets warm during travel can grow harmful contaminants that make your baby sick. To avoid this, keep your breast milk below 40℉ while you’re on-the-go. 

The best way to keep your breast milk at safe temperatures in your diaper bag is a combination of pre-freezing and careful packing. 

Freezing your bottles of breast milk the night before traveling ensures they stay cold for hours after you hit the road, and you can keep them cold even longer by packing frozen ice packs in your diaper bag

How Do You Pack Breast Milk in Checked Luggage?

Packing your extra breast milk in your checked luggage is a great space-saving strategy, but be careful! Packing your frozen breast milk incorrectly could spoil your entire supply before reaching your destination.

To keep your breast milk safely stored in your checked luggage:

  1. Pack your frozen milk tightly in a well-insulated cooler bag
  2. Strategically place ice packs throughout the bag to keep milk cold
  3. Clearly label your checked luggage containing your breast milk for security personnel
  4. Keep your cooler sealed tight until you can move your breast milk into a freezer or refrigerator at your final destination

How Do You Pack Formula Powder for Travel?

Packing baby formula for travel is a relatively straightforward process. 

Make sure you use an airtight container to keep your formula powder fresh and pack it into your luggage, diaper bag, or carry-on. To streamline bottle-making, consider portioning your baby formula before packing it in your diaper bag.

Can You Mix a Formula Bottle Ahead of Time?

You can mix bottles of formula ahead of time to make travel as easy as possible. Just be sure to keep your pre-mixed bottles stored in an insulated cooler or bag and feed them to your baby within 24 hours if you won’t be freezing them. 

How Do You Pack Formula Bottles for Travel?

Pre-mixed bottles of formula are safe at room temperature for up to two hours and can be stored in coolers for up to 24 hours before potentially growing harmful contaminants. Pack formula bottles into insulated coolers or bags with airtight seals for the best results. 

How Can You Ensure Baby Formula is Mixed Properly While You're Away?

If making bottles will become someone else’s responsibility while you’re away, it’s natural to feel a little apprehension. 

Fortunately, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing every bottle will be blended to the perfect consistency and ideal formula-to-water ratio with Baby Brezza’s Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser. The Formula Pro Advanced perfectly mixes, warms, and dispenses bottles of formula in seconds at the click of a button.

If you want to make and store perfect bottles of formula for travel, check out our convenient One Step Formula Mixer. This revolutionary product uses a unique mixing wand to remove air bubbles and minimize clumping, features a sturdy locking lid and no-drip spout, and can prepare up to 28oz. of formula at a time.
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