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Unique Baby Gifts - for Mom and Dad, Too! - to go Under the Christmas Tree

For the first-time parent, eager grandparent, cool aunt, and chill uncle, it’s hard not to get giddy about holiday gift shopping for a newborn. Gimmicky products, trendy toys, and baby must-haves are all anyone can talk about when it comes to suggesting presents for those on your nice list. 

This holiday season, splurge on some unique products that will make a difference in the lives of the family members and friends. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

The Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser allows Moms and Dads to automatically make a warm formula bottle instantly instead of manual mixing. What a time and life saver! There’s no measuring, no mixing and no fuss. Plus you can customize the bottle to your baby’s liking with three temperature settings and dispensing between 2-10 ounces.   

The dispenser works with virtually all formula brands and all bottle brands, making it convenient for anyone - a first-time parent, babysitter, grandparent, cousin - who uses it. And, since this formula-making pro comes in limited edition colors such as rose gold and metallic silver, you can choose a color that best accentuates your recipient’s tastes. 

Baby Brezza One Step™ Food Maker Deluxe

New parents think that making healthy, wholesome baby food right at home is hard and time-consuming. It’s not with the Baby Brezza One Step™ Food Maker Deluxe. 

The device is the only food maker that automatically steams and blends in one easy step, so parents can make homemade baby food with ease. Just put fresh or frozen food into the bowl, push a button, and voila! In as little as 10 minutes, they’ve got a baby-friendly puree made their way, without any worries of heavy metals or unpronounceable ingredients. Parents can use this food maker to steam or make non-baby foods such as pasta and hard-boiled eggs well beyond a baby’s first year. 

The “greatest benefit of making your baby food is that it’s better for baby’s development,” according to Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann, a pediatrician at CHOC Children’s and CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital in California. So delight a new parent and give them this gift that will support their baby’s growth and development for years to come. 

Baby Brezza Reusable Baby Food Pouches 

Tiny tots can’t keep their hands off Baby Brezza Reusable Easy-Fill Food Pouches. The reusable pouches protect the environment and store all kinds of goodness - homemade purees, applesauce, yogurt - for babies and toddlers. They are easy to fill and easier to clean because they’re dishwasher-safe. This is a great gift for new parents who are looking to save money while protecting the environment.

Each pouch stands up, has a wide opening on the side, includes a filling funnel and features a double leak-proof zipper so there’s no mess. Make your favorite Mom or Dad’s life easier with Cook’s Illustrated magazine’s #1 rated reusable food pouch. 

Give a gift from Baby Brezza this holiday season and your loved ones will forever appreciate the convenience time you have given them back to spend with their little one.

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