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Baby Registry Must Haves

Wondering what the must have baby registry items are? Choosing items for your baby registry feels like writing your Christmas list to Santa, but remember that each well-chosen item can make your life easier for years to come. Your registry should be full of researched items that save you money and time down the road. Now is the time to find your true “wishes” that you may be hesitant to buy yourself later on, as oftentimes family and friends will partner together to get you larger ticket items.

What to Put on a Baby Registry

Many parents will start with the basics - bottles, diapers, etc. - but there are so many additional registry items that will make life easier in the long run. One of the #1 challenges of newborn parents is how much time it takes to care for a baby. They require near-constant care, so you should register for baby products that make basic, everyday tasks easier. That way you can ensure you have more time to spend with your baby or manage the millions of other tasks on your plate.

At Baby Brezza, we are committed to creating revolutionary products that save you time feeding your baby so you have less stress, more rest, and more time with your family. Here are some of the best baby must haves to help round out your registry and make a difference in your life when the baby arrives.

Tip 1: Add A Sterilizer or Sterilizer-Dryer To Your Baby Registry. It's a Baby Registry Must-Have! 

Did you know that sterilizing baby bottles, pump parts and other baby products that end up in your baby's mouth is a must when feeding your baby? The reason is that harmful bacteria can sneak their way into your baby’s mouth if the products that end up in your baby's mouth aren't cleaned properly.

Baby Brezza makes it easy with our family of Sterilizers and Sterilizer-Dryers that kill 99.9% of germs and in some cases, automatically dry too! This avoids sterilizing through a time-consuming or less effective approach like boiling, running under hot water or using your dishwasher. Just push one button and these appliances do the rest! Sterilizers and Sterilizer-Dryers are must have baby registry items.

With Baby Brezza Sterilizer-Dryers, items are automatically dried and remain sterile for 24 hours in the unopened machine, meaning you can set it before going to bed and have bottles and pump parts ready-to-use for morning feedings or pumping sessions. It’s no wonder Moms call them “like magic for a busy mom!” Click here to find the best sterilizer for your needs and add to your list of baby registry must haves.

Tip 2: Add A Formula Maker To Your Registry

Most parents will end up formula feeding their baby at some point, which is a very time-consuming process. It can take up to 5 minutes to hand scoop powder, add water, shake and warm up in a bottle warmer. When you’re making 6-8 bottles a day for your baby, the time adds up.

With the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, you can save 30 minutes a day with this revolutionary appliance that automatically makes a warm formula bottle instantly. It precisely dispenses and mixes to the perfect consistency to avoid air bubbles and clumping with the push of a button. It's a "lifesaver" and "timesaver", especially for 3am feedings! This formula feeding must-have should be added to your list of what to include on your baby registry. 

Tip 3: Add A Bottle Warmer To Your Baby Registry

If you're thinking of warming your baby's bottle (which most parents do), then you'll need a bottle warmer. You should include a bottle warmer on your list of must-have baby registry items so you don't use a microwave to warm up a bottle which is unsafe for your baby due to hotspots.

Baby Brezza has two unique bottle warmers that make warming easier! If you want to make a warm bottle instantly, add the Baby Brezza Instant Warmer to your baby registry. It dispenses warm water 24/7 so you never have to wait to warm up a bottle again. Just add formula, mix and feed!

We offer another unique bottle warmer is the only one that has two unique settings to safely heat up formula and breastmilk and is smart so you can operate it from your phone using Bluetooth. This warmer uses a warm water bath to safely heat up breastmilk -- protecting the precious nutrients in Mom's "Liquid Gold" -- and steam to quickly heat up formula. Nearly all other bottle warmers only use steam which can ruin the proteins in breastmilk, making this item a must have for a baby registry.

Ready to create your perfect baby registry with the best baby must haves from Baby Brezza? Find more time-saving Baby Brezza products that parents will love by clicking here

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