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Sweet Potato Pie Baby Food Recipe

"Sweet Potato Pie" baby food is the perfect fall treat for your little one. It's naturally sweet and delicious, and loaded with nutrients! And making it in the Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe is SO easy! It steams & blends automatically, which means less time & effort to cook this delicious dish and less clean-up!

When the leaves start turning, you know it’s the perfect time to break out this sweet potato baby recipe– and this one in particular is a cut above any standard sweet potato baby food recipe or puree you may be used to making or buying premade! When learning how to make sweet potato baby food, this recipe brings a little more to the table with a seasonal touch– but don’t worry, it tastes good year round, too! Sweet potato for babies is a great choice for their diet because it contains healthy nutrients that are important for development. The vitamins and minerals in sweet potato baby food encourage a better quality snack while also being naturally healthy! So for parents learning how to cook sweet potato for baby, look no further than this super simple treat.


  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 1 extra-ripe banana
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut milk
  • 1/8 teaspoon of pumpkin spice


  1. Wash, peel and cut the sweet potato into 1/4" pieces.
  2. Steam for 20 minutes in the Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe.
  3. Add the banana, coconut milk and pumpkin spice and puree until smooth by pressing the Blend button.



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  • How Common is a Sweet Potato Allergy in Babies?
    • Sweet potato allergy in babies is very rare, so parents planning to make our sweet potato baby food recipe can look forward to trying it out without much stress! It’s packed with healthy nutrients, digestible, and can be prepared in more ways than just with our Fall-centric recipe– although we encourage everyone to try our sweet potato pie recipe out this autumn!
  • Is Sweet Potato Easy to Digest for Babies?
    • Yes! Sweet potatoes are considered to be among the best foods for a baby to eat in their early development. Always be sure to check with your pediatrician about when your baby can start eating them, but know that this ultra-dynamic and healthy food is a great starter snack for your little one!
  • Can Babies Eat Sweet Potatoes Every Day?
    • Parents will be glad to know that babies can eat sweet potatoes every day! With their spread of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that boost your baby’s development, and their natural sweetness providing a great taste for your baby to look forward to, they’re one of the most common foods to start your baby out on– and that may explain why we can’t get enough of them when we’re older!

    -- Recipe created by LeeAnn, a mother of two who believes that feeding your baby delicious and adventurous food from the beginning will help to prevent picky eating in the future. For more recipes like this one, visit or follow @raising.veggie.lovers on Instagram. 


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