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Addressing Your Concerns About The Formula Pro Accuracy

We have heard your concerns about the Formula Pro accuracy and want to do everything possible to address them. Our #1 priority is to make sure our appliance works accurately every time and we conduct extensive testing to ensure this. You can learn more about all of our testing by clicking here.

Does Baby Brezza Dispense The Correct Amount of Formula?

Baby Brezza’s formula makers are more accurate than measuring formula by hand, which relies upon volume measurement and approximation. The most important test we conduct is determining the right setting for each brand/type of formula to ensure the Formula Pro dispenses the same formula to water ratio as specified on the formula manufacturer’s label. It’s important to realize that this ratio is based on weight, not volume and our settings are calibrated to deliver the same weight that is listed on your formula label. Click here to see how we conduct this testing.

Can You Use the Baggie Test for Baby Brezza Products?

We know that some of you want additional reassurance that the Formula Pro works accurately. With this goal in mind, some users attempt the “Baggie Test” to measure the amount of formula that is dispensed when you make any size bottle. This test IS NOT an accurate way of measuring the Formula Pro’s dispensing. Here’s why:

  • Stuffing the bag inside the funnel hole significantly restricts the size of the hole where the formula dispenses into the mixing funnel.
  • The folds in the bag grab some of the dispensing formula, which then spills when the user tries to measure it

As a result, the bag test doesn't accurately measure the amount of formula dispensed. Additionally, many users don’t have a gram scale so they try to compare the volume of formula dispensed using this test even though the machine dispenses formula based on weight – keep in mind volume and weight are not the same. When testing Baby Brezza’s Formula Pro accuracy, many users don't have a food scale that measures to a tenth of a gram, which is more precise and how formula weight is listed on the formula label (i.e. 8.6 grams).For all of these reasons, we DO NOT recommend trying the Bag Test or trusting any video that features this test.

How Do You Test the Baby Brezza Formula Pro?

Because of your concerns, however, we have developed a test that you can try at home that effectively measures the amount of formula dispensed by the Formula Pro. We call it the “plastic wrap test” because it uses a piece of plastic wrap that is placed inside the two pieces of the mixing funnel (not stuffed into the dispensing hole on top). When you perform this test, you’ll see that the formula dispensed matches what is listed on the formula label. If you want to compare to a formula scoop, please make sure the formula scoop is perfect level and you don’t spill any when you measure on a precise food scale. Click here to watch this plastic wrap test on TikTok.

We also thought you'd be interested in an independent assessment of the accuracy of the Formula Pro Advanced by Michelle at Baby Foode. She wanted to make sure that the Formula Pro Advanced was dispensing accurately and performed her own test which proved it was. Click here to see her results.  

If you still have any questions or Baby Brezza issues, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.

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