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Smart Baby Products & The Best Gadgets for New Moms

Celebrate National Technology Day With the Best Smart Baby Products & High-Tech Gadgets for New Moms and Parents

Kick off January by celebrating National Technology Day and exploring all the exciting gadgets the world now has to offer new parents! Parenting in a tech world should be easier, not more complicated, which is why we’ve compiled a list of all of our favorite smart baby products for new moms and parents. With gadgets for everything from formula prep to soothing baby into a deep sleep, here are our picks for the best gadgets for new moms and parents.  

The Best Formula Prep Gadget for New Moms & Parents

For those who are still unfamiliar, the Formula Pro Advanced WiFi may quickly become your new favorite gadget. This is because the FPA WiFi is designed to not only expedite but also perfect your formula prep and mixing. The product can mix every bottle to your preferred heat and consistency and works with virtually all formula brands. That said, on top of that, the device is also WiFi-enabled and can be operated straight from your phone!

So imagine rolling over in the morning, simply pressing a button on your phone to start mixing a perfect bottle of formula for baby, and then getting an alert as soon as it’s ready! The FPA WiFi App can also send you alerts when it’s running low on water or formula so you’re never caught off guard and can also instantly dispense warm water as needed! Try the FPA WiFi today to discover why this smart baby product has won over so many new parents, or secure one today for your loved ones. 

The Best Soothing Sleep Gadget for Babies 

Countless parents have learned the hard way that a good night’s sleep may seem completely out of your control. If you’re struggling with a fussy sleeper or just looking to help soothe your baby into a more restful sleep, consider trying the Smart Soothing Mat today! This device is designed to help recreate the comfort of the womb for your baby and mimics the gentle motions and sounds of a mother’s womb to activate your baby’s natural calming reflex. 

Choose from four different vibration levels, four heartbeat modes, and five timer settings to customize your baby’s comfort to your own preferences –– all from the convenience of your phone. With full BlueTooth capabilities, the Smart Soothing Mat is extremely convenient and can even be operated from the comfort of your own bed. Fully portable, try the mat today to create the most comfortable, soothing sleep experience for your baby at home or on the go.     

The Best Smart Baby Product for Breast Milk + Formula Prep  

Finally, if you’re shopping for the best gadgets for new moms or parents before baby even arrives, you can’t go wrong with the Safe + Smart Baby Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk & Formula. The device is designed to expedite both formula and breastmilk bottle warming and will heat either evenly –– and most importantly safely. Few parents understand the dangers involved with thawing frozen breast milk, which is why it’s so important to invest in a product that has been carefully constructed to warm breast milk the right way. 

That said, with two settings designed to evenly heat breast milk, formula, or even baby food, this device will make feeding a breeze! Even better, the device is powered by Bluetooth technology so you can operate the Bottle Warmer from your phone and instantly warm your next bottle from anywhere. So if you’re looking for the best gadget to gift any new mom or parent, look no further than these smart baby products! 

The Best Solution for Bottle Washing, Sterilizing, & Drying

Bottle Washer Pro is the cleanest and safest option for bottle washing. Capable of washing, sterilizing, and drying every bottle component, this bottle washer uses 20 high-pressure jets to reach every crevice and hard-to-reach area, helping to ensure completely safe bottles for baby’s next feeding time. This baby bottle washer also offers a HEPA filter, guaranteeing the most safely-dried bottles possible. With 6 cleaning modes available, a chamber capable of storing up to 4 bottles, parts, & accessories, and separate, removable tanks for clean and dirty water, this bottle washer provides ease of use and the comfort of keeping your bottles as safe and clean as possible. It also uses 50% less water than hand-washing bottles and is even more thorough than hand-washing, too. The baby bottle washer is easy to use and clean, so parents never have to waste time wondering if their baby’s bottles are being left open to any potential bacteria.

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