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Explore the Festival of Sleep & Newborn Sleep Tips

Every January, millions of people kick off the new year by celebrating the Festival of Sleep on January 3. The festival was created to help fans get an extra day of shut-eye after the holidays wrap up and allows families to reserve the day for a little extra rest and relaxation. That said, new parents know that sometimes getting a great night’s sleep depends on more than just swapping out your pillows.

Three Newborn Sleep Tips & The Best Ways to Sleep a Newborn

For countless families across the globe, sleeping soundly relies on learning the best way to sleep a newborn and figuring out how to get your newborn to sleep comfortably. So to make things easier, we’ve compiled our favorite newborn sleep tips to help parents discover new ways to help their little ones sleep through the night – which for many, would warrant plenty of reason to celebrate.

1. Swaddle in Style

While many parents have heard of the age-old technique of swaddling, it can take a little getting used to. Wrapping and carefully tucking your baby’s favorite blanket around them can take some practice to master, and your baby may resist really sleeping soundly until you get the fold just right. Luckily, new technology makes swaddling so much easier, as products like the Safe Sleep Swaddle can comfortably wrap your baby up in no time — without ever requiring parents to learn how to perfectly fold and tuck that tricky blanket. Moreover, the Safe Sleep Swaddle also reduces the risk of your baby rolling over, tummy sleeping, or falling off or climbing out of the crib at night.

If you’ve already mastered the art of swaddling your baby, we’ve also made it easy to help them comfortably transition from the swaddle to cozy PJs with the Swaddle Transition Sleepsuits. Each sleepsuit is breathable, convertible, and can be worn either two or three ways to ensure optimal sleep for every baby.

2. Relieve Gas & Fussiness With a Reimagined Fingertip Massage

What better way to celebrate the Festival of Sleep than with a classic fingertip massage? For those unfamiliar, parents have used gentle fingertip massages as a natural remedy to help babies sleep for thousands of years. The practice has been called upon as a relaxing and therapeutic remedy for centuries due to its ability to help your baby naturally release stress-reducing hormones in response to your gentle touch.

Of course, standing over your baby to massage their belly all night won’t promise a second of sleep for any parent, which is why we’ve created the first baby massager to help gently relieve gas and fussiness and help your baby sleep. The Baby Soothe Massager is designed to gently mimic the rotations of your fingers and comes with a wraparound belly band to help you hold the massager in place. Small, lightweight, and portable, using this massager is one of the best ways to get any newborn to sleep.

3. Recreate the Sounds & Motions of the Womb

Many of the best newborn sleep tips center around recreating the experience of being in the womb, but few truly capture the sounds and motions that will truly soothe your baby. This is why we’ve designed the Smart Soothing Mat to help your baby reach a deeper, safer sleep.

The mat mimics the sounds and gentle motions of a mother’s womb, which quickly activates your baby’s natural calming reflex. Developed in utero, this response will help your baby sleep more comfortably and makes your newborn more receptive to the four carefully designed vibration levels and heartbeat modes. So if you’re still exploring endless newborn sleep tips or researching the best ways to sleep a newborn, try one of these time-saving sleep products today to help your newborn fall asleep in no time!

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