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How to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night & Adjust to Daylight Savings

For anyone, adjusting to Daylight Savings can be difficult. It will take your body’s circadian rhythm a while to adapt to your new sleep schedule, and waking up can feel especially difficult in the early days.

That said, it can be even more difficult for babies to adjust to Daylight Savings. If you have a picky sleeper, Daylight Savings can pose an imminent threat. That’s why we’ve carefully compiled some of our favorite tips, gadgets, and ways to help your baby sleep through the night. So if you’re looking for the best things to help your baby sleep or want to help your overtired baby fall asleep fast, read on!

3 Ways to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

Read on for some of our favorite sleep hacks, and learn how to help your baby fall asleep more quickly. 

1. Try Swaddling to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night
Many new parents have likely heard of swaddling, but it can be difficult to know where to start. So if you’re considering swaddling as a way to soothe your baby into a more restful sleep, you may want to consider an entry level product made for safer, easier swaddling.

The Baby Brezza Safe Sleep Swaddle makes swaddling much simpler, and may help your baby fall asleep faster. Plus, its unique design will comfortably secure your baby on their back all night long. This of course reduces the risk of rolling over, and keeps your baby from climbing or falling out of their crib. 
So reimagine safe swaddling with this unique product. Made with 100% cotton and completely machine washable, it’s a super easy way to help your baby sleep through the night. Plus, if you still haven’t quite mastered the art of swaddling, this hack makes it so much easier to keep your baby cozy.

2. Sleepsuits May Help Your Overtired Baby Sleep 
If you find that swaddling isn’t working, there are plenty of helpful alternatives to consider. Moreover, solutions like sleepsuits can be a helpful way to transition your baby away from swaddling and help them fall asleep even as they grow more mobile – and restless.

For beginners, the 2-In-1 Swaddle Transition Double Zipper Sleepsuit is a great option. Designed with your baby’s comfort in mind, the sleepsuit is super breathable so your baby can comfortably sleep through the night. This is in part thanks to the vented mesh panels located on the sides and legs of the sleepsuit, which will come in handy in the summer. Additionally, the sleepsuit is an easy way to keep your baby feeling cozy because it hugs your baby all night long in a soft, cloud-like material.

3. Try Soothing Baby to Sleep with a Massage 

Soothing babies to sleep with a massage can be an effective and gentle method to calm them and promote better sleep patterns. Through gentle, rhythmic strokes and soft touches, a massage can help relax a baby’s muscles, reduce fussiness, and increase the feeling of security and attachment, thereby encouraging deeper and more restful sleep. Baby massagers are specially designed to be safe and gentle for babies, often featuring adjustable settings to customize the strength and pattern of the massage to suit the baby's preferences and needs. 


So whether you’re trying to help your baby fall asleep around Daylight Savings, or any point in the year, try testing one of these sleep solutions for yourself. You may find that the key to helping your baby sleep is simply soothing smarter, not longer.

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