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Why Do I Need To Sterilize Baby Bottles?

As a parent you want to safeguard your baby from every type of harm possible. Thankfully, there are tons of tools, such as baby bottle sterilizers, available to help you do this.

Is a Baby Bottle Sterilizer Necessary for Cleaning? 

There are a few arguments lingering that call into question the need for using a baby bottle sterilizer, or any sterilization method at all. The advocates of these ideas typically cite increased water purification standards or the need to build immunity as key reasons why you can skip using a sterilizing method once your infant has finished the last sip of the bottle.

We know you have plenty of things to worry about as a parent, and the chance of bacteria contaminating the bottle or baby food should not be one of them. Of course your child will develop immunity to certain bacteria through exposure, but there are definitely times when you should use a baby bottle sterilizer. These include:

-Before using a brand-new baby bottle.

-If your little one has been sick to avoid re-infection.

-When you find a bottle that disappeared under the seat of your vehicle until the scent of spoiled milk led to its discovery. It may happen!

-If a long time has elapsed since you’ve used a particular bottle.

-When you want to be sure that 99.9% of bacteria have been removed from your baby’s bottle.

It’s also important to consider the sensitive nature of your little one’s tummy and digestive tract. Newborns especially may be susceptible to bacteria, and using a baby bottle sterilizer is another way to ensure that you can keep your baby safe and comfortable when everything in the world is still so new.

What Makes the Ideal Baby Bottle Sterilizer? 

You’re probably stuck in an endless cycle of making and cleaning baby bottles, waiting for the day when you’re little one graduates to baby food that only requires a spoon and a bowl – both dishwasher-friendly. Finding a baby bottle sterilizer that makes the process quick and easy is key, not only for your little one’s safety, but for your sanity.

Baby bottle sterilizers come in several different varieties.

Electric Steam Sterilizers: As the name suggests, these units are plugged in and use natural steam to quickly and efficiently remove bacteria from the bottles. The Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer Dryer removes 99.9% of bacteria and only takes 8 minutes to complete the sterilization process. Bottles remain sterile in the unopened unit for up to 24 hours.

Electric steam sterilizers are the quickest way to a clean, sterile, deodorized bottle and often have an optional drying cycle.

Microwave Steam Sterilizers: These baby bottle sterilizers are also very quick, but do not offer a drying cycle, the ability to deodorize, or a sterile storage solution.

UV Light Sterilizers: If you’re looking to utilize UV light to sterilize your baby bottle, it may take a little time – since many of these units are small in size. Typically, only one part of the bottle can be sanitized at a time.

Make Room in Your Kitchen for a Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Adding a baby to the family may have meant adding a lot of appliances and equipment to your kitchen, including bottle warmers, baby food makers, and more plastic bowls than you ever thought you would own. Do you really need a baby bottle sterilizer too?

As we’ve covered here, the answer is yes! You’ll be able to efficiently sanitize, dry, and store your baby’s bottles without worrying about exposure to harmful bacteria. The important thing is to choose a unit that is reliable, offers a variety of options (such as sterilize only, sterilize and dry, or simply dry), and makes your life easier.

In the 8 minutes that it takes the One Step Sterilizer Dryer to rid baby bottles of bacteria, you can fold a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, or close your eyes for a mommy/daddy-length power nap. You might even get ambitious and find a new baby food recipe if your little one is venturing into solid foods.

Whatever it is that you choose to do with your 8 minutes, know that you have crossed bad bacteria off your list with a baby bottle sterilizer!

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