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Why You Need A Descaler To Ensure Your Baby Brezza Appliances Operate Optimally!

Unfortunately mineral scale is a fact of life when you use any appliance like a Baby Brezza or a Keurig -- sort of like changing diapers or making bottles when you have a baby. We want to make this aspect of using our appliances as easy as possible which is why we now offer Baby Brezza Descaler, the easiest way to descale your Baby Brezza appliance or any other household kitchen appliance like your coffee machine.

Do You Have to Descale Baby Brezza Appliances?

First, here's a crash course in mineral scale. Most types of water such as tap or bottled have minerals in them which get "burned" on or coat the heating element in your appliance when water is heated. Not only does this leave a foul-looking residue on the heating plate, it can hurt your appliance's performance, and cause your appliance to take more time and energy to heat up water. Who wants that when you want speed!

How Often Do I Need to Descale My Baby Brezza Food Maker?

Baby Brezza recommends descaling your appliances regularly or at least once a month. And to make this process as fast/easy as possible, we created the Baby Brezza Descaler to remove all traces of mineral residue from the heating plate. Our Descaler is easy to use, and will not leave any flavor or residue behind. 

You can use the descaler with a wide range of kitchen appliances. Today, many fans use it to descale their standard coffee pot, caraffee, or coffee maker to ensure they’re brewing the best cup every morning. The easiest way to ensure compatibility is to simply check for whether your device has a removable water tank. If it does, simply remove the tank, empty it, and if needed, allow the tank to cool. 

How to Descale Baby Brezza Sterilizer:

Using the Baby Brezza descaler is super simple. For most devices, you can then simply pour half a bottle of the Baby Brezza Descaler in the tank. However, to ensure you’re pouring the right amount, be sure to cross reference your device’s size and parts with the recommended specs for our full range of devices here

Typically, it will be best to let the descaler sit in your product’s water tank or on its heating plate for about 30 minutes. From there, rinse the tank thoroughly or run a full rinse cycle with clean, distilled water. If you’re using the descaler to clean out your coffee pot or coffee maker, you should be sure to do so at least once a week. 

If you would like to avoid descaling your Baby Brezza sterilizer, another option is to use Distilled Water, which is free of minerals as well as all other chemicals so there's no possibility of mineral scale. Baby Brezza sells the purest and highest quality distilled water which also tastes great. It is purified using a 7 step purification process and is 100% free of minerals, fluoride, fungi, bacteria, chlorine, pesticides and viruses. This makes it perfect for all Baby Brezza appliances, and other appliances that could accumulate scale such as humidifiers and nebulizers.

Either way, you can ensure your Baby Brezza and Kitchen appliances work optimally!

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