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The Perfect Hot Chocolate!

Take out your Baby Brezza® 1-Step Mixer for National Hot Chocolate Day, and turn it into the perfect hot chocolate mixer just in time for the holidays! With the power of your new hot chocolate maker by your side, the whole family can enjoy warm, delicious cocoa throughout the winter season. However, it’s important to keep in mind that hot chocolate for baby should not be served until after they’re over a year old. Once they’re of age, serve up a tasty hot chocolate bottle and watch all of their chocolate dreams come true. Mix your favorite brand of cocoa with water or milk to create the perfect baby hot chocolate this year.


  • 8 oz water or milk
  • hot chocolate mix


  1. Boil 8 oz water or milk on the stove.
  2. Add water or milk + hot chocolate mix to Baby Brezza® 1-Step Mixer.
  3. Press the start button.
  4. Watch the mixer mix.
  5. Serve into your favorite mug & enjoy!

Why Should Parents Wait to Give Baby Hot Chocolate?

It’s important for parents to wait until their little one is over a year old before serving hot chocolate to baby. Aside from containing too much sugar for your baby’s proper development, cacao also naturally contains caffeine, which babies should not have during the first year whatsoever. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, and can irregularly affect baby’s heart rate, putting them at unnecessary risk during this crucial development stage. Once they’re entering toddler-hood, parents can prepare hot chocolate for baby, which we guarantee they’re going to love. Follow our simple instructions above to make a tasty hot chocolate bottle this winter– just make sure to save a mug or two for Mom & Dad, too!

What Temperature Should I Serve Hot Chocolate to Baby?

Once they’ve surpassed the year-old mark, your little one is ready to experience the delight of baby hot chocolate. However, it’s important to protect your baby’s sensitive mouth from the heat of this winter delicious treat so that they’ll always enjoy it! We recommend letting your hot chocolate bottle cool almost all the way down to avoid any potential dangers of overheated cocoa, serving it instead at a comfortable, lukewarm temperature. Remember, if it’s comfortably warm for you, it’s almost certainly still too hot for baby. Wait until the hot chocolate for baby has cooled down to just-above room temp– this way, they’ll experience all of the delicious flavor without ever being burned. Once they’re a little older, parents can begin serving hot chocolate at warmer temperatures.

How Long Does Hot Chocolate Last Once Prepared?

If you’ve made the family a ton of hot chocolate for the holidays and have plenty of leftovers, it’s important to keep proper storage times in mind. While cocoa powder itself can last on the shelf for up to 2 years, that window of time shrinks down much more after you’ve turned it into delicious hot chocolate for baby. In the refrigerator, hot chocolate will only last 3 to 5 days– after that, it’s time to throw it out and brew up some more in your hot chocolate mixer– that is, the Baby Brezza 1-Step Mixer!


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