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Celebrate World Breast Pumping Day

Did you know about World Breast Pumping Day on Jan. 27?

It's a day to celebrate mothers who pump so they can give their babies the best nutrition possible despite having a busy schedule that doesn't allow for breastfeeding every few hours.

Pumping is a fantastic way to give your baby the benefits of breastmilk while still having the freedom to do what you need to do on your to-do list. Plus it's a great way to get Dad and others involved in feeding.

So on Jan. 27, let's celebrate all of the Moms who pump and acknowledge the time, effort and dedication pumping breastmilk requires.

And, if you have decided not to breastfeed or pump, and/or if you have decided to supplement your breastmilk with formula, we want to let you know that it's okay too. We fundamentally believe that "fed is best" for you and your baby.  

Don't let your worth be measured in ounces

You’ve probably heard it before, but we’ll say it again. If breastfeeding isn’t your cup of tea, for whatever reason, it's okay. "Fed is Best" however you choose. Formula also provide the nutrients that your baby needs to develop and provides other benefits like giving Dad and others the chance to feed your baby.

If you are formula feeding all or part of the time, and do find it a bit cumbersome -- especially in the middle of the night when you are trying to scoop out formula and not spill it all over the place while pouring into a bottle -- we have a solution that many parents call a "lifesaver".

It's the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced and its new sister version, the NEW! Formula Pro Advanced WiFi. Both machines automatically make a warm formula bottle instantly. Just press a button and it perfectly mixes, warms and dispenses a bottle. And the WiFi version, you can actually make a bottle from your phone as well as customize and save up to 5 different bottles that you can make at the touch of a button.

No matter what path you choose, Baby Brezza is here to help make feeding easier so you have more time to spend with your baby. 

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