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How To Throw A Virtual Baby Shower 

Baby showers are a celebration of life with close friends and family that many parents look forward to. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, many moms are turning to the virtual baby shower to help continue this special tradition. Virtual baby showers allow friends and family to gather in a safe remote setting to celebrate together. Even though a virtual baby shower will be a little different than an in-person one, you can still take part in many activities that you would in a traditional baby shower, including virtual baby shower games and more! Let’s go over a handful of virtual baby shower ideas and figure out how to throw a virtual baby shower that leaves the impression of a lifetime.

How Does a Virtual Baby Shower Work?

Virtual baby showers can be very similar to traditional ones. You don’t have to give up your theme, invitations, or opening presents– in fact, you can come up with virtual baby shower themes that combine the fun of a baby shower while adapting to the circumstances. You can still enforce a dress code if you’d like to, and can even use online virtual baby shower games to help round out the celebration. One of the benefits of having a virtual baby shower is that you can record it and look back on the memory later on.

Getting Started: Baby Shower Themes 

Themed baby showers are becoming more and more popular. Luckily, you can still have a theme for your baby shower by choosing a virtual background perfect for any number of virtual baby shower themes. This also saves you time and money since you won’t need to worry about putting up any decorations if you don’t want to. Choose any virtual baby shower theme you’d like, and then apply it to your virtual baby shower invitations, video backgrounds, games, dress code, thank you cards, and wish list. 

Popular virtual baby shower themes include:

  • Woodlands
  • Safari 
  • High Tea 
  • Under the Sea 
  • Unicorn
  • Dinosaur 

    Virtual Baby Shower Invitations 

    Virtual baby shower invitations are already popular and easy to use. Websites like Paperless Post and Evite have thousands of downloadable virtual baby shower invitations that are well-designed and simple to create. Of course, you can still send a physical invitation in tandem with your virtual baby shower invitations if you want to. Just make sure you send the invitation early enough! Include the date and time, link and password to the video streaming service you’re using, and any other fun information like a dress code or a drink you want everyone to make. 

    Virtual Baby Shower Decorations

    Just because you’re having a virtual baby shower doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! There are many simple ways to make your virtual baby shower look put together. You can send out pre-chosen virtual backgrounds for all of your guests to use during the shower to keep the theme consistent. If you don’t want to have a virtual background, a physical banner or background with balloons is an easy way to still have a theme, and you can send out gift bags with decorations before the shower to create consistency. 

    Virtual Baby Shower Games

    Aside from traditional baby shower games, many virtual baby shower games are available online that you can play with your friends and family. 

    Some virtual baby shower games to play at your baby shower include:

    • Jackbox Games
    • Pictionary 
    • Codenames
    • Psych 
    • Scattergories 

    You can also play traditional shower games like onesie decorating by sending out supplies to each guest ahead of time and showing your creations virtually.

    How to Open Presents 

    You can still open presents during your virtual baby showers. Guests can send their gifts in advance so that you can open them all on camera. Once again, just make sure they’re sent on time! They can also send e-gifts like gift cards on the day of the virtual baby shower for you to open on screen. 

    Even though it’s a virtual baby shower, new mothers will have the same physical needs when their baby arrives. Consider gifting some of Baby Brezza’s most popular time-saving appliances to help new moms manage all of their new responsibilities once their little one arrives.

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    With these tips on how to throw a virtual baby shower in the most memorable way, your virtual baby shower is sure to be a success. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Having a baby shower online may not be what you originally wanted, but with the right virtual baby shower ideas, it can become an unforgettable experience.


  • Do You Open Gifts at a Virtual Baby Shower?
    • While not a necessity, opening gifts at your virtual baby shower can be a fun activity for everyone, just like opening presents in real life! If your guests have already mailed gifts to you, having a virtual present-opening segment of your virtual baby shower is a great way to show off what you and your baby got, thank everyone for their gifts, and build excitement for your baby’s new toys and gear!
  • How Many People Should Attend a Virtual Baby Shower?
    • To avoid your guests talking over one another, any potential lag time, and to keep your virtual baby shower on the casual side of time, we recommend keeping your guest list between 10 and 15 people. You’ll avoid glitchy run-ins where speech gets warbled, everyone will be able to see and hear each other, and the 10-15 of you will have plenty of time to chat and celebrate the baby!
  • How Long Should a Virtual Baby Shower Last? 
    • While in-person baby showers can go on for a few hours between guests coming in and out, games to play, and gifts to unwrap, a virtual baby shower should only last an hour to an hour and a half. This keeps people off the computer for too long on a weekend, avoids restlessness, and makes everyone excited for the next time they’ll see you and your baby in person!
  • How Do You Make a Virtual Baby Shower Not Awkward? 
    • You can use several virtual baby shower ideas to keep the party moving and fun for everyone involved. Consider a few virtual baby shower games to play with everyone using our list of sites above, and be conscious of your guest list– if there aren’t enough people, or if there are too many, it can lead to awkward silences or a mess trying to hear everyone talking through the inevitable latency in voice chatting. Unwrapping gifts during your virtual baby shower can also be a great activity for everyone to participate in, admiring what you and your baby receive from your guests!


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