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How to Dry Baby Bottles After Sterilizing: Why You Need An Automatic Sterilizer Dryer

Is it Worth Getting a Bottle Sterilizer?

As if you didn’t already spend enough time doing dishes before your little one arrived, now you’re responsible for cleaning a seemingly endless collection of bottles, pump parts and other accessories. And since your infant hasn’t had time to fully develop a strong immunity to germs, knowing how to properly sterilize baby bottles, pump parts and other baby accessories so your baby stays healthy is a critical thing to add to your list.

Why You Should Sterilize Baby Bottles, Pump Parts and Other Accessories

Sterilizing baby bottles and other products is essential before you start using a baby product that goes in your baby's mouth or touches their food like a bottle or breast pump parts. It's also important to sterilize products if your baby is sick or you find a bottle that may have been lost or uncleaned for an extended period of time.

Should you Sterilize Baby Bottles after Every Use?

Wondering about sterilizing baby bottles and why it’s important? It's recommended to sterilize bottles every few weeks and breast pump parts at least once a week. The reason -- it kills 99.9% of germs which helps keep your baby healthy. There are many approaches to sterilizing baby bottles including microwaving or boiling, but the easiest method is using a baby bottle sterilizer. Just place your products in the bottle sterilizer, which automatically uses natural steam to kill germs quickly.

How to Dry Bottles After Sterilizing

What many parents don't realize is how important your choice of drying bottles, pump parts and other accessories is after sterilizing. Many parents dry bottles on a baby bottle drying rack or with a hand towel. BUT, this method undermine sterilization because you're drying a sterilized item on or with something that's not sterile -- which means you're exposing the products you just sterilized to the very same germs that were just eliminated. Plus baby bottle drying racks are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs because they are typically damp or wet. A far better way to dry bottles, pump parts and other baby accessories is with a sterilizer and dryer – these unique appliances automatically dry everything immediately after sterilizing and keep everything sterile for up to 24 hours. Baby Brezza is the #1 brand of sterilizer dryers.  

Is it Okay to Dry Baby Bottles with Paper Towels?

No, you shouldn’t dry a baby bottle with a paper towel, dish towel or hand towel. The reason – it exposes the bottle to germs that may be on the towel. And the towel could leave fibers behind on the bottle surface that could mix with your baby’s milk.

Do Baby Bottles Have to be Completely Dry?

Yes baby bottles should be completely dry before you feed your baby. The reason – it ensures that no bacteria is going to grow in the bottle before you add breastmilk or formula. Keep in mind that bacteria multiply in moist environments and they love wet baby bottles.

How Can I Make my Bottle Dry Faster?

The fastest way to make my baby bottle dry faster is by using a baby bottle sterilizer dryer. The reason – it is an electric bottle sanitizer with a built-in dryer like a hair dryer which dries the bottles very quickly after sterilizing. For example, the Baby Brezza SuperFast Sterilizer Dryer dries up to 6 bottles in 5  minutes. Using an appliance is much faster than air drying which can take several hours to completely dry a bottle. Plus when a bottle is drying on a drying rack, it can pick up germs from a non-sterile drying rack or from the air. 

Why You Need an All-in-One, Automatic Sterilizer and Dryer

If you want the fastest, easiest and safest way to sterilize and dry baby bottles and pump parts, you should use a Sterilizer Dryer - a revolutionary appliance that automatically sterilizes and dries your baby’s products and keeps them sterile for 24 hours. Baby Brezza makes the best sterilizer dryers and offers three different Sterilizer Dryers to fit your needs:


SuperFast Sterilizer Dryer: automatically sterilizes & dries in 10 minutes flat! It’s the fastest sterilizer dryer ever!

One Step Sterilizer Dryer Advanced: automatically sterilizes and dries 8 bottles, pump parts and accessories in as little as 30 minutes. It has the largest capacity of any sterilizer, dries 33% faster, and has a HEPA Filter so it dries with 95% germ-free air 

One Step Sterilizer Dryer: automatically sterilizes and dries 6 bottles, pump parts and accessories in as little as 45 minutes

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