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How to Dry Bottles After Sterilizing: Why You Need An Automatic Sterilizer-Dryer

As if you didn’t already spend enough time doing dishes before your little one arrived, now you’re responsible for cleaning a seemingly endless collection of bottles and other accessories. And since your infant hasn’t had time to fully develop a strong immunity to germs, knowing how to properly sterilize bottles, pump parts and other baby accessories so your baby stays healthy is a critical thing to add to your list.

Why You Should Sterilize Baby Bottles, Pump Parts and Other Accessories

Sterilizing is essential before you start using a baby product that goes in your baby's mouth or touches her food like a bottle or breast pump parts. It's also important to sterilize products if your baby is sick or you find a bottle that may have been lost or uncleaned for an extended period of time. In fact, it's recommended to sterilize bottles every few weeks and breast pump parts at least once a week. The reason -- it kills 99.9% of germs which helps keep your baby healthy. There are many approaches to sterilizing including microwaving or boiling, but the easiest is using a bottle sterilizer. Just place your products in the sterilizer, plug it in, and it uses natural steam to kill the germs. 

How to Dry Bottles After Sterilizing

What many parents don't realize is how important your choice of drying bottles, pump parts and other accessories is after sterilizing. Many parents dry bottles on a drying rack or with a hand towel. BUT, these methods undermine sterilization because you're drying a sterilized item on or with something that's not sterile -- which means you're exposing the products you just sterilized to the very same germs that were just eliminated. Plus drying racks and hand towels are moist environments, which is where bacteria like to breed. 

Why You Need an All-in-One, Automatic Sterilizer and Dryer

There is a better way to dry your baby products after sterilization: use a sterilizer with a built-in dryer like the Baby Brezza ONE STEP™ STERILIZER DRYER.

Just press the button, and it automatically sterilizes and dries bottles, pump parts and other accessories. Plus, it keeps these products sterile for up to 24 hours. Not only is it more convenient than a traditional sterilizer, but it's also better for your baby's health.

Moms rave about the Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer-Dryer. See why now.  


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