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How Baby Food Processors Help Moms and the Environment

Have you thought about adding a baby food processor to your collection of kitchen gadgets and ‘Baby Chef’ to your list of parenting skills?

It turns out that homemade baby food may be the wisest choice for the health of your baby – and the environment. With a food processor, you’re contributing to a healthier schedule and a healthier earth all at the same time.

Here are the top benefits of using a baby food processor for your baby, your sanity, and the environment.

A Baby Food Processor Benefits...The Environment

Is choosing a baby food processor the environmentally-friendly way to feed your baby nutritious, healthy meals?

The short answer is yes.

The baby food manufacturing process can be deceptively arduous when the steps are broken down. Think of the production effort, carbon footprint, and overall manufacturing process that goes into putting a jar of baby food on the shelf versus using a baby food processor. Huge factories and long assembly lines pump out thousands of jars or plastic pouches filled to the brim with preserved peaches, softened sweet potatoes, and pureed chicken. It’s a huge operation – with huge energy, materials, and labor costs!

But imagine this scenario, instead:

As you’re cooking dinner, you set aside age-appropriate baby food selections. While you work on sautéing your sides, you throw what will become baby’s dinner into the baby food processor and start the steaming process with the push of a button.

Moving onto the preparation of your main entrée, you watch the baby food processor slide into pureeing your baby’s freshly steamed meal. You don’t even have to take off your oven mitts to make this happen!

As you plate your family’s dinner, you reach for the bowl of the baby food processor and serve up your little one’s meal – right alongside your own.

The best food processor for baby food helps streamline each and every meal for the simplest, tastiest dishes. This meal has never seen a factory assembly line, a giant canning machine, or a shipping facility. Instead, it was made right in your kitchen with just one simple gadget.

The advantages of using a food processor are it’s better for parents and babies alike. Less energy, less materials, less waste – and a healthy, nutritious meal for your baby in minutes.

And, of course, we can’t stop talking about the environmental benefits of a baby food processor without mentioning the use of reusable food pouches.

Reusable food pouches are a fantastic storage option for unused portions of baby food. Don’t throw away what your baby can’t eat – just put it in an easy-to-use zippered pouch that stands on its own as you fill it from your baby food maker.

These little pouches are then ready for baby’s next meal or make a perfect take-along snack. Unlike disposable to-go baby food options, these pouches can be washed and reused many times over.

They are even dishwasher-safe!

By Using a Baby Food Processor, You Benefit…Baby and Your Sanity

In addition to feeling great about being more environmentally friendly, using a baby food maker benefits your baby and your sanity.

Recently, concerns have been raised over the levels of lead in baby foods. A 10-year study found that 20 percent of baby foods sampled had detectable levels of lead, and levels were elevated compared to regular food.

While none of the lead levels were beyond the FDA’s threshold for lead contamination, it’s enough to make many parents worry about the possible long-term health implications.

The benefits of a food processor are they can help you and baby both avoid harmful chemicals and ingredients. One way to reduce worry about lead or other contaminants in your baby’s food is to fire up the baby food maker and buy your own healthy ingredients for kid-friendly cuisine.

Many parents invest in a baby food processor over other common kitchen appliances, like a blender, because of the ability to achieve a great consistency for baby food with this special tool.

In addition to relieving worry over the quality of ingredients in your baby’s food, using one will help to relieve some stress too, adding to the list of baby food processor benefits.

A baby food processor, like the One-Step Baby Food Maker Deluxe, will save you time and energy in making baby food.

As mentioned earlier, the One-Step has the ability to automatically blend your baby’s food after steaming it to just the right temperature. Put the One-Step to work for you – so you can work on other things while experiencing all the advantages of using a food processor!

As a busy parent, we know you always have plenty to do – including looking out for the health of your little one. So choose a tool that is good for the environment, good for your baby, and good for you!

Is It Necessary to Have a Baby Food Processor?

While parents can make & blend baby food by a handful of other means, the benefits of a baby food processor make it stand out as an obvious choice for meal prep. Processors are easy to use and clean, and having the option to steam and blend food all in one place makes for an even simpler, quicker process for parents and hungry babies alike.

How Do You Use a Baby Food Processor?

In terms of which meals to make with a baby food processor, our One-Step Food Maker Deluxe keeps your options endless– whether you want veggies, fruits, or carbs, steaming and blending delicious meals together in one place is easy. As for how the machine works itself, simply fill the water tank, use the LCD control panel to find the settings you want, and press go! Clean-up is convenient with the removable bowl, blade, and water tank so that baby’s next meal time comes together with ease.

What’s the Difference Between a Blender and a Food Processor?

A blender is typically only used for making drinks and smoothies, with its ability to crush and blend ice for things like protein shakes and slushies. If you’re planning to opt out of straw-friendly meals, parents should use a food processor– with its ability to chop, puree, and grate foods into spoon-centric snacks. The One-Step Food Maker makes baby meals even easier by allowing parents to steam and blend their foods all in the same place.


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