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Homemade Baby Food vs. Store Bought

When your little one is ready for solids, questions arise if home made food is better, healthier and cheaper than store-bought jars. Deciding baby’s growing diet as they age into new foods and flavors can be an exciting adventure. Here’s what you need to know about baby food and decide what’s the best option for you.

  • What Percent of Parents Make Their Own Baby Food?

    Studies show that nearly 70% of parents choose to make their food at home. After all, it’s more cost-effective, healthier, and more engaging. With time-saving options like the One Step Food Maker Deluxe here to help, parents can spend less time at the grocery store picking out jars of baby food that cost more, and contain fewer nutrients. For easier meal prep and healthier meals, Baby Brezza offers reusable baby food pouches that provide ultimate convenience of homemade baby food vs. store-bought food.

  • Is It Better to Make Your Own Baby Food or Buy It?

    At Baby Brezza, we always encourage parents to consider making their baby food as often as possible. Homemade vs. store-bought baby food is a long-standing debate throughout parenthood, and there are plenty of reasons to consider both. However, when parents make their food for their baby, it’s easier to gauge what the baby eats, costs less overall when you shop the right deals and tastes better with every bite. With groundbreaking gear like the One Step Food Maker, mealtime is easier than ever, so parents are always ready to make the best meals for their babies.

  • Is Homemade Baby Food Safer than Store Bought?

    Jarred baby food brands are generally trusted to deliver the proper nutrients and ingredients to babies. There’s always something to say about making delicious, healthy meals at home. When considering homemade baby food vs. store-bought, it’s possible to choose jarred options that offer the same nutrients, but when parents make baby’s food at home, there’s a 100% chance of knowing what’s going into baby’s diet each day. Make mealtimes easier and healthier with the help of the One Step Food Maker Deluxe and explore our delicious, baby-friendly recipes in the Baby Brezza Recipes Cookbook to provide babies with the absolute best snacks, meals, and nutrients every day. By parents preparing baby’s meals, it’s easier to avoid harmful chemicals or preservatives that could potentially be present in baby food. Does baby food have preservatives? Generally speaking, the only preservatives parents will find in jarred foods are the ones meant to extend shelf-life– and making fresh meals for babies at home avoids these entirely. 

  • Is It More Cost Effective to Make Your Own Baby Food?

    Store-bought organic baby food can be almost 50% more expensive than making baby food at home. The totals can add up with the processing, packaging, and the need to constantly restock each meal. When parents shop the right deals and buy fresh produce each week or month, saving money is easy, spending less time at the grocery store and having fun making delicious meals for babies. To help Mom and Dad with meal prep, parents can buy reusable baby food pouches that help keep food longer and make a week’s worth of snacks and meals.

    What are the Cons of Homemade Baby Food?

  • The biggest downside to making meals for the baby at home is the time spent preparing each meal. However, revolutionary and innovative equipment helps parents save time and make the most of every mealtime: our Glass One Step Food Maker is here to help parents buy back prep time with a device that makes meals in as little as 10 minutes and is even easier to clean. Secondly, homemade food only lasts for a few days in the fridge, while jars of baby food can sit on the shelf for months at a time.
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