Green Bean Casserole Recipe – Baby Brezza
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Green Bean Casserole Recipe


Who doesn’t love the creamy taste of green bean casserole?

Give your little one a taste with this easy “casserole” mash-up recipe. We recommend introducing brown rice to babies between 6-9 months. This baby casserole recipe gives a whole new spin to your typical green beans baby food by providing more flavors than ever. Green beans for baby just got a lot more fun! Make this green bean casserole with rice in less than half an hour, and have a delicious dinner ready for baby quicker than ever!

1 cup green beans, steamed
1 cup cooked brown rice
½ cup of water, formula, or milk
¼ tsp dried sage


  1. Combine all ingredients into the Baby Brezza® One Step Baby Food Maker.
  2. Press “Steam & Blend” for 15 minutes.
  3. Puree and serve.

Are Green Beans Healthy for Babies?

Yes, using green beans for baby’s meals is a healthy way to serve up all sorts of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to baby’s development! First and foremost, a green bean baby food recipe provides a rich source of vitamin A, which is excellent for vision development and healthy eyes. Secondly, vitamins C and K are also found in green beans, which assist in immune health and blood clotting, respectively. Lastly, B vitamins that are crucial for cell growth can be found in green beans– meaning that this green bean casserole with rice makes for a delicious option packed with healthy benefits for baby.

Should You Feed Baby Fresh or Canned Green Beans?

When it comes to comparing fresh green beans vs. canned green beans for baby, it’s always best to choose fresh if given the option. Fresh green beans are tastier and have a higher chance of retaining nutrients– however, canned green beans are not considered unhealthy, either. The primary difference between the two comes down to the amount of sodium found in canned green beans. Too much sodium in baby’s diet can contribute to kidney damage, high blood pressure, and heart disease. While a can of green beans here and there won’t pose a large threat to baby’s health, it’s important to remember to use fresh veggies when and where possible. For this baby casserole, make sure to steam fresh green beans for baby a little longer than canned green beans, which are typically already softened.

Can Babies Eat Green Bean Casserole?

Yes! Green bean casserole for baby makes for a delicious, healthy, filling meal for your growing baby. However, it’s always important to wait until baby is 6 or more months old before feeding them solids or semi-solids: while every baby’s development is different, waiting 6 months ensures that baby is able to chew and digest foods more efficiently. This green bean baby food recipe makes for a great first introduction to solids by being steamed and blended enough for easy digestion– and with the added flavors of a full-fledged baby casserole, it’ll taste better than any green bean baby food they’ve had before!


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