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Baby Friendly Pancakes

In honor of National Flapjack Day, we wanted to share our, super easy, Baby Friendly Pancakes Recipe 🥞 - made in our One Step Food Maker Deluxe (or glass model) of course. 😉

2 bananas, the browner the spots the better
4 ounces of plain greek yogurt (or vanilla)
1 egg
1 cup of oats


  1. Place all ingredients into the Baby Brezza® One Step Baby Food Maker.
  2. Press & hold “Blend” for 2 minutes.
  3. Heat a skillet or griddle, spray cooking spray, and pour the batter to form pancakes (Use a 2-tablespoon cookie scoop to make equal-size pancakes).
  4. Flip halfway through cooking, about 3 minutes, or when bubbles start to form on the surface and the underside is starting to look brown, and cook about 3 more minutes.
  5. Enjoy the pancakes with banana slices, strawberries, and or blueberries!

This recipe the whole family can enjoy together 🥞


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