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Bottle Washer Pro® Cleans Significantly More Effectively Than Bottle Brushes!

  • Bottle brushes don't scrub all corners and sides of bottles versus the Bottle Washer Pro® which uses precision spray jets to thoroughly clean all surfaces

  • Independent Lab Study shows
    Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro® cleans bottles significantly more effectively  than bottle brushes

  • Study results show the Bottle Washer Pro® removed all milk residue and the brushes didn't based on ATP Testing (a standard dairy industry test to detect presence of milk residue measured Relative Light Units (RLUs)

  • Learn more about the Bottle Washer Pro®

    • Automatically washes, sterilizes and dries bottle, pump parts, sippy cups and accessories
    • 20 powerful spray jets ensure thorough cleaning
    • Kills 99.9% of germs with natural steam, then dries with germ-free HEPA-filtered air
  • Summary of Lab Study Procedure and Measurement:

    • The independent lab study compared the cleaning effectiveness of the top two selling bottle brushes on Amazon vs the Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro®. For each test, 4 Dr. Brown's Wide Neck 8 oz Bottles (a top-selling bottle in the US) were used. All bottles were prepared, tested, and measured in the same way
    • Prior to soiling, a measurement of the level of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) bioluminescence was taken to ensure the bottles were clean and had no milk residue. NOTE: ATP method is a widely accepted test in the food/dairy and hospital industry because ATP is the universal energy carrier in organic material like dairy and can easily be measured
    • Each bottle was filled with milk residue, shaken and then poured out of the bottles and left to dry for 24 hours
    • Each bottle was then cleaned with one of the two brushes or the Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro®
    • Bottles cleaned with brushes followed the most popular bottle cleaning procedure based on a survey of 150 Moms with babies under 12 months:
      • Rinse the bottle before cleaning
      • Add a squeeze of the top-selling baby bottle detergent to the bottle brush
      • Twist the brush up and down the bottle five times making sure to contact all sides in the process
      • Rinse out in soapy water


    • Bottles cleaned with the Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro® were placed in the machine and the Wash Only cycle was run
    • After cleaning, a second measurement of the level of ATP bioluminescence was conducted to determine the presence of milk residue remaining after cleaning

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