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Homemade Baby Food

Why Should I Make My Own Baby Food?

Providing home made baby food instead of store-bought alternatives offers tremendous advantages for you and your family.

Cost savings. Studies have shown that you can save 50% or more when making your own baby food, with resulting savings of $500 to over $1,300 a year depending on the brand, the age of your baby and the amount of food consumed.

Wholesome alternatives. Many store-bought baby food includes preservatives and additives that you want to avoid giving baby. By making food yourself, you know your little one is getting only the best, most nutritious and wholesome ingredients.

Environmentally safe. Not only will you avoid feeding your baby fillers and additives, but you will also be helping the environment by eliminating the need for excess packaging used for processed baby food.

Personal Pride. The satisfaction a mom, dad or caregiver gets from providing home-cooked meals for baby is priceless.

What makes the baby breeza one step baby food maker the best way to cook for my baby?

Homemade baby food has long been a dream for many busy mothers and caretakers. While it has always seemed like a good idea – the most satisfying way
to provide the best, most nutritious meal possible for your little one – cooking baby food at home has also always been a hassle. But with Baby Brezza, making
homemade baby food is a breeze!

The truly one-step, patented process allows you to steam and blend food in one bowl, removing the danger and worry of transferring hot food from a
steamer to a blender. It is the only system that cooks in this one-step process. Set up your ingredients, turn on the machine, and walk away!

The Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker also allows you ultimate control in preparing your baby food.

Multiple cook time options gives you control over how long to steam your ingredients, giving you control over how soft your baby food is.
The manual blending option allows you to choose the consistency of your baby food – whether silky smooth for a first-time eater, or a little
more chunky for an older baby or toddler.

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