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Welcome to Dr. Jacq's Baby Feeding 101

Welcome to Dr. Jacq’s Baby Feeding 101 - a video series to help Moms learn about feeding their baby the right way with Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann, a pediatrician and former Chief of Staff of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Each video offers helpful tips and advice relating to different feeding topics. Enjoy!


Introducing Dr. Jacqueline and Baby Feeding 101

Meet Dr. Jacq and learn all about Baby Feeding 101


Picking a bottle 101

Dr. Jacq knows picking the right bottle is one of Mom’s hardest decisions. So in this video, Dr. Jacq makes it easy, offering practical tips on picking the right bottle both for your registry and if your baby suddenly stops taking a bottle after birth.


Bottle Warming 101 – why you should warm a bottle and how to do it safely

Dr. Jacq explains the benefits of warming a bottle and how to do it safely, including explaining that there are different ways to warm breastmilk versus formula in order to protect the milk’s nutrients.