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Our Response To Consumer Reports Article

We want you to know that we are 100% confident in the dispensing accuracy of the Formula Pro Advanced and strongly disagree with the findings of Consumer Reports in their recent article. 

1). We have retested the Similac Advance OptiGro formula powder extensively and have confirmed that Setting 4 is the correct setting to deliver the proper formula to water ratio for this formula

2). We have tested thousands of formulas in the US and around the world for 11+ years and are confident that our settings ensure the Formula Pro Advanced dispenses the proper formula to water ratio

3). Our formula testing process is rigorous and takes into consideration the natural variability of formula powder. This variability can cause two different scoops of powder to have different weights (note: formula manufactures recommend measuring out formula based on weight, not based on scoop volume). This variability is caused by several factors:


    4). Our formula testing process includes the following steps which helps address the natural variability in formula powder and ensure a proper formula to water ratio:
  • Testing multiple cans of formula from multiple retailers in multiple sizes
  • Testing 10 or more samples for every brand/type of formula
  • Testing fresh cans of formula every time and mixing it around in the powder container before running a test
  • Testing multiples times a year
  • Click Here to watch how we determine a formula setting

    5). Consumer Reports didn’t follow these rigorous steps in their assessments to control for the natural variability in formula testing which is why their testing results are not accurate.

    6). Because of our rigorous testing, we have sold millions of Formula Pro Advanced machines globally, won many industry awards and satisfied millions of parents!

      • Best of Baby List award

      7). To learn more:

    • Read our blog Why The Formula Pro Advanced Dispenses Accurately and Consumer Reports Testing Is Incorrect.
    • Test the accuracy of your Formula Pro Advanced at home
    • If you have any questions, please contact Baby Brezza Customer Care at 888-396-6552 or www.babybrezza.com/contact seven days a week.
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