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Glass One Step™ Baby Food Maker

Easiest way to make homemade baby food in a glass bowl!

Glass One Step™ Baby Food Maker

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  • Only food maker that automatically steams & blends homemade baby food in 1 easy step
  • Glass bowl makes 4 cups of baby food in as little as 10 minutes
  • Blends food to the perfect consistency
  • 3 in 1 functionality: steam & blend, steam only, blend only
  • Easy to use and clean – LCD control panel, fully accessible steam tank, dishwasher safe bowl/blade, removable water tank
  • Great for non-baby foods – use it to steam pasta & vegetables, make hard boiled eggs or even soup
  • 18 month limited warranty (exclusive to buyers) or 1 year if you buy from other retailers; BPA-FREE
  • Also try the Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe which comes with a 3.5 plastic bowl and 3 reusable food pouches 

Pair with the Baby Brezza Cookbook with 50 delicious recipes.

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Making homemade baby food is easier and faster than ever thanks to the Baby Brezza Glass One StepTM Baby Food Maker. Just push one button and this supercharged baby food processor will steam and blend your fresh foods for healthy meals in just minutes. 

The viper blade blends everything to optimal consistency in its 4-cup glass bowl. In addition to the steam+blend option, you can also blend or steam separately. The machine is so versatile you can even make non-baby foods such as hard-boiled eggs and pasta for your whole family. Cleaning our baby food processor is a breeze, too. The glass bowl and blade are dishwasher-safe, and the steam tank is easily accessible for cleaning. 

When you make homemade baby food, you get to choose the fruit and veggies you want your baby to eat and know exactly what ingredients you’re feeding him or her. Plus, it’s economical. You can save hundreds of dollars by making your own food versus buying baby food at the grocery store. 

The BPA-free One StepTM Baby Food Maker is one of the best baby food processors available today. Why worry about chemicals and additives in your baby’s food? Prepare nutritious and delicious meals for your little one in no time and order this game-changing food processor today.