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What is Dr. Seuss Day?

Dr. Seuss Day occurs every year on March 2nd - the birthday of famous children’s book author Theodor “Dr.” Seuss Geisel. In 1997, the National Education Association chose his birthday for their national “Read Across America” initiative to encourage children to learn to read. There are many different ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. For example, many elementary schools will spend the day in the library reading, or being read to by someone wearing the iconic Cat in the Hat hat. If you ask us, Dr. Seuss Day is the perfect time to sit down with your child and pull out a good book.

Our Favorite Dr. Seuss Books

Each of us remember special stories from our childhood, whether it be from our grandparents, teachers, books, or movies. If you still remember those stories now, the stories could leave a similar lasting impact on your child. To help get your book-brainstorming started, we asked members of the Baby Brezza team what their favorite Dr. Seuss books are.

(1) Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

Rachele explains that Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? holds a special place in her heart since it was the first book her child read to her. The book illustrates a variety of onomatopoeias - words that sound like real life noises - that help kids associate noises they hear every day with written words. Reading the book aloud can be fun and engaging as they try to make the noises along with you. Even years later as her child turns 17, she remembers that special moment and what the book means to her.

(2) Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Polina remembers Oh, The Places You’ll Go as one of her very first baby shower gifts when she was pregnant with her first child. Easily one of the most famous Dr. Seuss books, it conveys a deep message about life and future potential through the main character - “you”. As “you” explores the world, they find a bright and beautiful future ahead of them. The story is perfect for any milestone, from preschool graduation to high school. Polina explains that she loves reading it to both of her kids.

(3) Hop on Pop

Jason marks Hop on Pop as one of his favorites for its consistent use of short, three-letter words. These short words form poems and larger words that help introduce children to phonics - the relationship between the alphabet and corresponding sounds. It breaks down large words such as “Constantinople” to shorter, easy-to-read elements like Con - Stan - Tin - O - Ple. Random House also added it to their list of “Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use”.

(4) Green Eggs and Ham

Ed remembers Green Eggs and Ham for the same reason many children do - “eggs were/are my favorite breakfast!” The book at its core is about trying new things, as the main character Sam-I-Am attempts to offer another character some strange-looking eggs and ham. After repeatedly refusing to try the food, the character relents and realizes the food is actually very good. The story is perfect for picky eaters, or any children worried about the unknown as it encourages trying things out of your comfort zone. Eggs and ham (altered with a little bit of green food dye) have become symbolic of taking big steps into the unknown.

(5) The Lorax

David fondly remembers The Lorax, a story about a small orange creature who tries to protect a forest of colorful Truffula trees. Dr. Seuss uses personification - a literary element in which non-sentient objects are assigned a living, relatable personality - to associate the forest with the Lorax character. In short, hurting the forest means hurting the small, fluffy friend that readers come to love. It teaches kids about the environment and why being an active participant in change is vital because “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Spending Time Reading with Your Kids

Spending the time to sit down and read with your child is vital for their personal growth, as many kids learn everything from reading to moral codes from the books they read. However, being a parent means you are constantly busy, making it hard to find the time (or energy) to read with them. Baby Brezza has the perfect tools to help you save time on chores, so you can have more time for the things that matter - like celebrating Dr. Seuss Day with a good book! Simplify your bottle warming, formula making, and sleep routines with Baby Brezza’s line of time-saving appliances, and spend more time with those who matter most.

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