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Sweetheart Soothers: Frozen Strawberry Puree for Babies

Did you know giving your teething baby frozen fruits can help soothe their gums?! These "Sweetheart Soothers" are super easy to make and are the perfect surprise for Valentine's Day! This frozen strawberry puree for baby makes for an all-natural popsicle your little one is sure to love– and if you’re wondering how to make strawberry puree for baby, our 1-Step Food Maker is here to help! Let’s dive into this baby strawberry recipe below for the perfect snack from Valentine’s to summertime!

2 cups strawberries (frozen works to)

1 silicone heart mold


  1. Place strawberries into the Baby Brezza® Glass 1-Step Food Maker.
  2. Press “Steam & Blend” for 10 minutes.
  3. Pour mixture into silicone heart molds.
  4. Freeze overnight
  5. Enjoy!

Play with other fruits and veggies to create different color combos!

Can Babies Be Allergic to Strawberries?

While the berry family is not particularly allergenic, it’s still entirely possible for your little one to experience a reaction to strawberries. In terms of having a strawberry allergy, baby may commonly experience swelling of the lips and eyes, or breaking out in hives, as well as vomiting. If you’re wondering when babies can have strawberries, it’s also important to note that strawberry allergies for babies tend to subside after the first two years. If you notice any rash or irritation, or if baby vomits after every time strawberries are involved in feeding time, consider avoiding– and consult your pediatrician to get to the bottom of things.

How Long Can Frozen Strawberries Last in the Freezer?

Un-blended strawberries can last up to one year in the freezer if left unused, but a strawberry puree for baby will last a much shorter period of time. Make sure to make the most out of this frozen strawberry baby treat within 3 months of freezing– luckily, this means one batch of these sweetheart soothers will last all summer long! Baby strawberry recipes are made to be enjoyed sooner than later, and they’ll love these frozen snacks for the taste and for making their gums feel better every time.

What Other Fruits Make For Great Popsicles?

If your little one loves this frozen strawberry puree for baby as much as we do, you’ll probably want to try out even more fruits throughout the year to keep a variety going! Once you know these baby strawberry pops are a hit, consider fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and pineapples for other frozen fruit blends. They’re easy to puree, and will light up any hot day, as well as soothe your baby during the teething stage. 


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