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SUPER EASY Egg Salad Recipe

This SUPER EASY Egg Salad Recipe is one the entire family can enjoy! Egg salad for baby is a great way to introduce a little more flavor– with the added benefit of a little protein– into your little one’s diet. As simple as it sounds, this deluxe egg salad recipe still packs a decent amount of flavor with its inclusion of mustard and black pepper, helping to deepen your baby’s palette at an early age and avoid picky eating down the line. Our baby egg salad doesn’t take much, and is good enough for parents to throw on a slice of bread for a quick sandwich for their lunchtime, too! This recipe contains mustard, so we recommend 8-12 months.


  • 🥚 4 eggs
  • 🥛 1/3 cup plain yogurt
  • 🟡 1 tbsp mustard
  • 🧂 salt + pepper to taste


  1. Place all eggs into the Baby Brezza 1-Step Food Maker Deluxe and press “steam” for 15 minutes (make sure the blade is removed from the bowl).
  2. Remove lid, take off bowl from base, and place bowl (with eggs) under cold running water for 10-15 minutes. ⚡ DO NOT place base under running water with the bowl ⚡. Make sure they’re cool to the touch before peeling.
  3. Peel all eggs, discard shells and any water in the bowl. Chop peeled eggs.
  4. Place blade back into food maker along with eggs and remaining ingredients.
  5. Press “Blend” for 2-3 minutes or until preferred consistency.
  6. Serve & Enjoy!


    What makes egg salad a suitable option for babies?
    Egg salad for babies is a nutritious and versatile choice, providing essential nutrients for your little one's growth and development. Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, crucial for muscle and tissue formation. Additionally, eggs contain choline, which supports brain development. The inclusion of finely chopped or mashed vegetables in easy egg salad recipes adds vitamins and minerals, promoting a well-rounded diet. Remember to introduce eggs to your baby after consulting with their pediatrician and ensuring they have no allergies.

    Can I customize easy egg salad recipes for my baby's preferences?
    Absolutely! Easy egg salad recipes for babies are highly customizable to suit your baby's taste preferences and dietary needs. You can adjust the texture by finely mashing or chopping the eggs based on your baby's chewing abilities. Experiment with different vegetables like avocados, peas, or carrots to add variety and nutritional value. Tailor the seasonings to introduce subtle flavors without overwhelming your baby's palate. Remember to introduce new ingredients gradually, allowing your baby to explore different tastes while ensuring their developing digestive system adapts comfortably.

    How frequently can I incorporate egg salad into my baby's diet?
    While egg salad for babies is a nutritious addition to their diet, it's essential to introduce new foods gradually. Begin by offering small amounts, monitoring your baby's reactions, and ensuring they have no allergies. Eggs can be included in your baby's diet around 6-8 months, following your pediatrician's guidance. As your baby grows, you can incorporate egg salad more frequently, ensuring a balanced diet that includes various food groups. Combine egg salad with other soft foods and textures to provide a diverse culinary experience, supporting your baby's journey into solid foods. Always consult with your pediatrician to tailor feeding guidelines based on your baby's individual needs.


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