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Sleep Product Must Haves

For anyone, adjusting to Daylight Savings can be difficult. It will take your body’s circadian rhythm a while to adapt to your new sleep schedule, and waking up can feel especially difficult in the early days.

That said, it can be even more difficult for babies to adjust to Daylight Savings. If you have a picky sleeper, Daylight Savings can pose an imminent threat. That’s why we’ve carefully compiled some of our favorite companies, gadgets, and ways to help your baby sleep through the night.

So if you’re looking for sleep products to help your baby sleep or want to help your overtired baby fall asleep fast, read on!


2-In-1 Swaddle Transition Double Zipper Sleepsuit: Designed with your baby’s comfort in mind, the sleepsuit is super breathable so your baby can comfortably sleep through the night. This is in part thanks to the vented mesh panels located on the sides and legs of the sleepsuit, which will come in handy in the summer. Additionally, the sleepsuit is an easy way to keep your baby feeling cozy because it hugs your baby all night long in a soft, cloud-like material.

Smart Soothing Mat: A great option for both home and on the go, as it’s fully portable and designed to mimic the rumbly sounds and gentle motions of the womb. This, in turn, activates your baby’s natural calming reflex.

Sleep & Soother Sound Machine: A portable sound machine for your baby can be beneficial during infancy. As your baby gets used to falling asleep without the sound of your heartbeat or the other background noises that lulled them to sleep in the womb, a sound machine can be an excellent substitute. It can also help cover up sounds of other kids playing in the house, barking dogs, ringing doorbells, vacuums running, and other household sounds that can interrupt your baby’s sleep.



Hire a Sleep Coach! Molly Leighton can help you achieve your sleep goals and get your child on their ideal sleep schedule. Contact Molly at or visit her website at


SleepSure: SleepSure is a smart monitor that tracks 4 key measures in real-time; heart rate, rollover, skin temperature, and movement. It's designed to make it easier to help your baby sleep better (so you can too.)

DreamWeave Crib Mattress: DreamWeave™ is a dual-sided mattress that has it all. It’s free of chemicals, breathable, washable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and GreenGuard Gold certified.

BassiNest 3.0 with Soothing: It’s an award-winning bassinet loved by parents for a reason! 360° swivel for extra close sleep, easy lowering wall, and 100% breathable mesh walls. Plus, the soothing system includes two levels of vibrations, four calming sounds, and amber nightlights, all with auto-shutoff.


Easy Wrap Swaddles:  Swaddling is a great way to help your little sleep more safely + soundly.  Easy Swaddle Wraps makes swaddling a breeze with adjustable velcro to create a snug, womb-like feeling that helps to prevent their natural startle reflex, too.

Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets: Cotton muslin swaddle blankets are your diaper bag superhero for everything from swaddling, to strolls, and even spill cleanup.  

Activity Gym: From tummy time to self-discovery, the gym nourishes the growth + development of sensory, cognitive, gross + fine motor, and socio-emotional skills through interactions with beautiful muslin toys (+ you!).

Sleep & Soothing

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