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Introducing Finger Shields: The Easiest Way To Apply Diaper Cream!

Introducing Finger Shields: The Best New Baby Diaper Cream Applicators

For many parents, applying diaper cream is a necessary evil -- it prevents or treats diaper rash but it leaves a trail of hard to clean white/greasy cream behind on your fingers and nails (and everywhere else too). Well not anymore! 

Introducing Baby Brezza Finger Shields -- the first disposable applicator that keeps your hands and fingers 100% clean when using diaper cream (or any other cream or lotion too!). Shop Now

What Are Finger Shields

Unlike traditional spatulas or diaper cream sticks, Finger Shields allow you to apply diaper cream with your fingers – while protecting your fingers and nails from the sticky cream. They slide onto your finger, are 100% grease-proof/water-proof and when you're done, just throw away. 

They are super easy to use. Just slide the soft finger glove on your index finger, and hold the finger glove's tail in place using your other fingers. Once you've applied the cream or lotion, just lift off with the tail and throw away. Easy peezy and 100% clean fingers & nails! 

With Finger Shields, you can goodbye to using several wipes to feverishly wipe the sticky diaper cream or lotion off your fingers and nails. And you can feel good about using Finger Shields because each one has 50% less material than a standard baby wipe. 

They come in a resealable plastic package (like baby wipes) that has a resealable flap for easy grab-and-go access so you’ll be able to swipe one on with every diaper change!  Shop Now! 

How Are Finger Shields Different Than Other Diaper Cream Applicators 

Finger Shields are different (and better!) than other ointment applicators because they are disposable, more hygienic and more precise to use. 

Disposable: They are the first and only disposable applicator so you don't have to clean anything after each use. When you use a diaper ointment spatula or brush, you have to clean it after every use. Oftentimes, this means laying it down on your changing pad, another baby wipe or even your diaper bag, which transfers the diaper ointment from the brush or spatula somewhere else causing even more of a mess. 

More Hygienic: When you use Finger Shields, you are preventing any germs from transferring to your baby's skin that might be on your finger (or diaper brush or spatula) because they function as a soft barrier. 

More Precise: Unlike spatulas and brushes, Finger Shields lets you apply the ointment or lotion with your finger, the most precise way to apply diaper cream. A spatula or brush may not each every little crevice in and around your baby's bum. 

So try Finger Shields and discover the easiest way to use diaper cream! Shop Now

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