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How to Help Prevent SIDS

SIDS is one of most parent's worst nightmares but with these simple steps, it can be prevented, helping you and your baby to sleep without worry.

1) Always place your baby in his/her sleep space alone

The safest place for your little one to sleep is by themselves, in their own safe, sleep space. Your little one should only sleep in an approved bassinet or crib. The space should have a firm, breathable mattress and be completely empty. This means only a fitted sheet, and ensuring there are no toys, blankets, bumpers etc. in the crib. Place the crib away from anything that they could grab and pull into their space.

2) Always place your baby on their back

Your baby’s risk of SIDS is much higher any time they sleep on their side or stomach (if they are unable to roll to and from these positions on their own). These positions put your baby’s face in the mattress or sleeping area, and if they are unable to roll back over on their own, it is extremely unsafe.

Anytime you put your baby in their bed to sleep, for naps, for bedtime, or any time make sure you lay them down on their back.

3) Room sharing

When a baby sleeps in the same room as mom, studies show it lowers the risk of SIDS. It is dangerous for a baby to sleep with another child or an adult in the same bed, chair, or on a couch.

If you bring your baby into your bed for comfort or feeding, make sure to place your baby in their own bassinet or crib when it’s time to put them down for sleep. If you are tired, don’t feed while sitting in a chair or on a couch in case you fall asleep.

4) Keep your baby cool 

Overheating may raise a baby's risk of SIDS, make sure you dress your infant in light, comfortable clothes for sleeping. Keep the room temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit which is a comfortable level for sleep.

5) Offer a pacifier

A pacifier might help reduce the risk of (SIDS). Research has shown that sucking on a pacifier during sleep times might reduce the risk of SIDS and can also help with soothing. 

Baby Brezza can help you and your baby sleep without worry, especially when your baby outgrows traditional swaddles around month 3 and starts turning over to their belly but can't turn back to their stomach. 

One very popular product is the Baby Brezza Safe Sleep Swaddle which comfortably secures your baby to on their back during sleep. It's easy to secure to your mattress and baby with velcro and fits all standard size crib mattresses and mini-mattresses. 

If you need help with assessing your baby's sleep space or have any sleep questions, please reach out to me,  

Baby Brezza is proud to partner with sleep coach Molly Leighton. She can help you get your your baby on a solid schedule and achieve your goals. Contact Molly at, visit her website at or follow her on Instagram (@sleep.shore) or Facebook (@sleepshore) 

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