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How to Prepare Baby for Daycare

Can you believe it’s that time of year already?! Summer is coming to an end and fall is slowly creeping in. Schools are starting to open backup and kids are getting ready to get back in the classroom. Sleep habits and routines can often fall by the wayside during the summer. Whether you're traveling, spending more time with friends and family, or simply staying home, babies and children often don’t follow as strict of a schedule during the summertime as they do during their regular routine. Once the first day of daycare is on the horizon, it is a great time to get started thinking about getting your baby back on schedule and some structure back in their routine. To prepare I’m sharing my top tips that you can start using now to get your baby ready for daycare.

Start 2 Weeks Before Daycare Starts 

I know the start of daycare can creep up on you, before you know it - daycare is starting in a few days! Try to keep an eye on the start date and get your child back into a routine a week or two before the first day. It will be so hard on your kiddo (and you!) to go from having no routine or set bedtime/wake up time to getting up early and having earlier bedtimes every day. Try easing into things by adjusting their bedtime by 10-20 minutes earlier each day until they reach their ideal bedtime and are getting the right amount of sleep.

Go To Bed Earlier

This one is so hard during the summer! Going to bed when it’s daylight out is so hard for kids, but so needed at the same time! Start moving bedtime up earlier a little each night so that your kiddo can get the appropriate hours of sleep each night without having to sleep in late. Doing all of these timing adjustments slowly and subtly will help adjust your child’s internal clock and get them back on their sleep schedule in no time. 

Create a Nightly Routine

Routine might just be the most common thing you’ll find me talk about for all age groups! Routine is key for any person of any age, especially when it comes to sleep. Having a good bedtime routine signals your brain that sleep is near and it’s time to wind down. Routines don’t have to be long and complex. A good bedtime routine can be as simple as brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, reading a book and laying your baby down for bed. Doing these simple tasks each night will start to wind your child down and let them know that it’s time for bed. 

Work on Sleep Schedule Before Daycare 

If your child isn’t falling asleep on their own or on a predictable schedule, this is a good time to work on this before your child starts daycare. Most babies do better with daycare naps if they are on a consistent schedule prior to starting.

Adjust Schedule Once Daycare Starts

If naps are shorter or skipped at daycare, make sure that you move their bedtime earlier to compensate for the sleep they missed during the day and avoid them getting overtired!

If you need help with assessing your baby's sleep space or have any sleep questions, please reach out to me,  

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