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Holiday Gift Guides for Moms 2018

The Holiday season is almost here and that means it’s time to start shopping for your loved ones!

For those of you lucky enough to have a new mom in your life, you’re probably scratching your head over gift ideas. While you may be struggling over what to get her, thankfully, there are tons of amazing gifts out there that any new mom is sure to love!

So there’s no need to worry! We’re here to help you figure out just what gift is best for that special new mom in your life.

And the best part about shopping for new moms is that there are so many things you can get that they’ll value. It’s no secret babies require a lot of time and love, so any gift that saves a new mom a few minutes will be greatly appreciated!

Easy Gift Ideas for New Mommies

Magnetic Baby Clothes

Changing baby can be a strenuous activity, especially if baby made a particularly large mess, which happens all the time!

Baby clothes that use an over the head design can prove exceptionally difficult too, causing baby to wake up more than needed during late night changings.

Also, most baby clothes use Velcro fasteners, which can scratch baby and cause redness on their delicate skin.

But there’s good news!

There exists a thing called magnetic baby clothes. Magnetic baby clothes are awesome for so many reasons!

First off, the magnets are sewn inside the clothing, so baby will only feel soft fabric against his or her skin, leading to less discomfort and crying, which means less stress for mom.

Magnetic clothes are also much easier to work with, so mom can change her little love quicker and more efficiently. Plus, companies like Magnetic Me design all of their clothes to open in either the front or back, so you never have to struggle with over the head clothing again!

New moms will love this!

Baby Bottle Prep Station

Perhaps the most oft-repeated task for new mother is baby bottle preperation. The repetition of each step can be enough to frazzle a tired new mom.

That’s why we here at Baby Brezza created the Formula Pro baby bottle preparation station.

The Formula Pro is a great way to free up some time for new moms. No more measuring, dispensing, mixing, and temperature monitoring. The Formula Pro does this all for you!

Simply, stock up the device with water and formula powder and step back. With the push of a button, you can prepare a bottle within seconds that has no air bubbles. With the Formula Pro you can choose from 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 oz. of formula. The machine also works with all bottle sizes and most major formula brands.

The Formula Pro is a must-have for all new moms bottle-feeding baby.

Silly Pacifiers

We know, we know, new moms need stocking stuffers too!

Aside from lots and lots of chocolate, another great stocking stuffer idea for a new mom are silly pacifiers.

There are tons of hilarious pacifiers for sale on Amazon to choose from. These are great because not only will they soothe baby, but they will make mom and dad laugh too!

Here are a couple of our favorites:



Wacky Teeth

Offer to Baby Sit!

The last item on our list may be the greatest gift you can give a new mom (and dad!), which is, of course, an OFFER TO BABY SIT!

While new moms love spending time with their little bundle of joy, they too need the occasional night out.

If you’re looking for a great and affordable gift for a new mom, simply give her a coupon for one night out, complemented with a gift card to her favorite restaurant.

You’ll be her favorite person ever! 

Happy Holidays from Baby Brezza!

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