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Easter Gifts for Babies & New Parents

Easter Gifts for Babies, New Parents & Mom

The last thing any new parent needs is more candy, so this Easter, fill their Easter basket with the best time-saving gadgets you can find. No parent should have to go without the best tools and appliances for bottle prep, so explore our guide for gifts that will really wow new parents.

Plus, with several sleep-soothing devices to choose from, you’re sure to find a gift that will help baby fall asleep so much faster. Any new parent is sure to find relief in a few extra hours of shut-eye, so give them a gift that will help baby sleep through the night. To learn more about these awesome devices, peruse our full list of top Easter gifts for new parents below! 

The Easter Gift Guide: Our Top 5 Easter Gift Ideas for New Parents with Babies 

This Easter, we’re making it even easier to build the best Easter basket for new parents. Follow along below for our top 5 Easter gift ideas for new parents with babies! 

1. Expedite Bottle Prep with the Formula Pro Advanced

Mixing formula by hand can be huge time-waster, and may even lead to inconsistent feedings. The best way to ensure that your baby is getting a full, consistent serving of formula is to use a cutting-edge device like the Formula Pro Advanced. 

That said, what makes the Formula Pro Advanced even better is that this device will allow you to make a warm formula bottle instantly. The FPA will accurately mix formula from virtually every brand to the perfect consistency and will warm the bottle to your preferred setting. It’s much more accurate, consistent, hygienic and faster than hand-scooping and will wow any new parent. 

2. Reimagine Clean Up with the One Step Sterilizer Dryer Advanced 

Any new parent will tell you that countless hours are wasted waiting for bottles, pump parts, and accessories to dry after they’ve been washed. Plus, hand washing is not the most hygienic way to clean these important tools – which is why you should always opt to sterilize your feeding equipment. 

Now you can sterilize and dry your bottles, breast pump parts, and accessories so much faster. The One Step Sterilizer and Dryer Advanced has been found to sterilize and dry all brands of bottles, pump parts, and accessories 33% faster than competitor products! 

The device uses natural steam to kill 99.9% of germs, and any products left in the sterilizer will remain sterile for up to 24 hours when left in the unopened device. Plus, with the highest capacity available, this modular device can hold up to 8 bottles and two pump part sets! So scoop one up today to gift your favorite new parents the best sterilizer and dryer money can buy. 

3. Change Diapers on the Go with the Enzo Ultimate Changing Station Diaper Bag

Finding a changing station can be a major hassle. Then, when you do find one, there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be clean. Well today, the Enzo Ultimate Changing Station Diaper Bag is equipped to completely simplify this issue! 

Now, with the power of this portable changing station you can simply unfold this backpack’s built-in, padded, drop-down changing station to quickly change any diaper on the go! Moreover, the changing station even detaches for easy cleaning. 

But beyond simplifying on-the-go diaper changes, this backpack also includes 13 pockets and a spacious interior to help you store everything you and your baby need. Plus, with two insulated side pockets equipped to keep bottles and food fresh longer, this backpack will help you stay prepared for the long day ahead. Best of all, zippered mesh pockets make it easy to stay organized and an antimicrobial lined pacifier pocket will keep pacifiers clean and fresh. 

4. Soothe Baby to Sleep with the Baby Soothe Massager 

This revolutionary baby massager mimics your fingertip massage to provide a relaxing, therapeutic remedy that will help baby fall asleep in no time. It’s safe to use and easy to operate, and can be attached by a wraparound belly band to massage your baby’s tummy at any time. 

Plus, the Baby Soothe Massager can also be used to help relieve your baby of gas, fussiness, or discomfort. The gadget uses three gentle massagers that slowly rotate like your fingertip massage to provide relief. These help soothe baby quickly, and make the Baby Soother Massager a welcome gift to any new parent. 

5. Cut the Stress Out of Swaddling With the 3-in-1 Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit

By now, every parent has heard of ‘swaddling.’ However, no matter how important the practice seems to be, it can be very difficult to master. 

So reimagine swaddling with the 3-in-1 Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit. This sleepsuit is equipped to provide your baby with all the soothing comfort they’ve grown used to from traditional swaddling – but without the hassle. Moreover, it’s a great tool for easing babies out of a normal swaddling routine, as it allows baby to flex their limbs and sleep cooler during naps and night time. 

Fully breathable, the sleepsuit is designed with vented mesh panels on the legs and sides of this sleep suit to keep your baby comfortable. It’s also convertible, and can be worn three ways. So use it to wrap baby up in a normal sleep suit, wearable blanket, or sleep vest. No matter how you choose to wear it, this huggable design will keep baby feeling hugged all night.

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